John Simpson

IOL, Clemson

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #74
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 08/19/1997
  • WT 330 lbs




    PROS: Big and powerful. Weight is well-proportioned throughout his frame and there aren’t any concerns about his functional strength. When he’s square, Simpson creates considerable push in the run game. Strength throughout his frame is notable. Creates a strong initial jolt and then he gets his feet chopping. Very effective climbing to the second level and its game over for defenders when he connects in space. Easily absorbs contact and it’s tough to compromise his anchor. 

    CONS: Tardy out of his stance and he plays tall. Has a tendency to get top heavy, fold at the waste and fall off blocks. Lateral mobility is underwhelming and he’s fairly stiff. Effecting climbing to the second level but longer pulls reveal heavy feet and he doesn’t typically arrive on schedule. Twitchy rushers that can work to his edges put a lot of stress on his heavy feet. 

    BEST TRAIT - Play Strength

    WORST TRAIT - Foot Quickness

    RED FLAGS - None

    Clemson offensive guard John Simpson enters the NFL after starting the last two seasons for the Tigers. The notable part of Simpson's game is his devastating play strength. He blends heavy hands, a powerful upper body, good core strength and powerful legs to create strong vertical push in the run game. His anchor is stout and nobody is going through him. With that said, his lateral mobility, foot speed and overall tightness present some challenges when working out in space, mirroring rushers and redirecting. Simpson is a scheme-specific prospect that profiles as a starting guard in a gap power run scheme.