Joe Giles-Harris

LB, Duke

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #44
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'2''
  • DOB 04/01/1997
  • WT 240 lbs



    Football IntelligenceQuick to process and shows good understanding of needed angles in pursuit to meet the football. Steps into the LOS against combo blocks to help keep gaps plugged. Shows discipline in space to not chase bells and whistles designed to pull him out of place.

    TacklingOne of the best finishers in the 2019 NFL Draft. Has great habits as a wrap-up tackler and will lasso ball carriers on lateral challenges below the waist. Does well to drive his feet on contact and ensure he's able to transfer power through the ground and into his finish.

    Block SheddingUses his hands well, will shoot aggressively to pop, stun and negate blockers from latching onto his chest and creating momentum away from the LOS. If he's given up his chest, he can be lazy and be content to lock horns and occupy space.

    Competitive ToughnessRelentless. Love the play urgency he brings to the field. Presses forward through contact with foot activity. Does well against smaller players to physically impose his will. Motor as a rally defender shows up on film, he's chasing guys 20+ yards down field.

    Lateral MobilityShows up on the boundary as a scrape defender, although he isn't necessarily gaining a ton of ground into the LOS when he's out there. Instead he's able to meet ball carriers on his original alignment...many tackles 3-4 yards down the field.

    Coverage SkillsModest mobility through the hips, although play speed, anticipation and peripheral vision all help keep him effective. Steps down to bump routes, is anything but passive in the shallow areas of the field in zone coverage. Quick hand/eye coordination to disrupt throwing lanes.

    Gap Shooting AbilityDoesn't possess elite burst or suddenness but will still navigate the point of attack successfully. Has a natural feel for unfolding plays and can step into creases at the right time, withstanding push or cut attempts and staying uncovered to challenge the ball.

    Feet/Change of DirectionDoes not have any exceptional explosive qualities, does need to step over the outside foot to open his hips and really get up to gear. Comfortably capable scraping between the hashes before driving on a challenge .

    FlexibilityDoes not have a lot of looseness to unscrew himself and get hips aligned at extreme angles. Prevents him from being a blue chip player but shouldn't be considered a restriction to every down role. Half second longer to hit pass landmarks or open to scrape at full speed.

    First Step QuicknessHas had success as a blitzer and green-dog defender to step hard down into gaps and challenge backs or even lineman in protection. Momentum can be overwhelming thanks in part to build-up speed when coming down from the second level.

    BEST TRAIT – Football IQ

    WORST TRAIT – Flexibility

    BEST FILM – Northwestern (2018)

    WORST FILM – Miami (2018)

    RED FLAGS – 2018 MCL

    Joe Giles-Harris presents himself as a true MIKE at the NFL level. Giles-Harris has strong mental processing, shows effective habits in working over the top of plays and effective range to reach outside the numbers. Giles-Harris may not be the most fluid athlete in pass coverage but he's effectively dropped into man coverage against RBs and has a good head for underneath zone. Giles-Harris can be an immediate starter in an even front, particularly on a defense with stout DTs in front.