Jesse Burkett

IOL, Stanford

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #73
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3''
  • DOB 09/28/1995
  • WT 304 lbs


    PROS: Great mover, especially into the second level. Keeps his hips over his feet and his numbers into his opponent, doing very well to approach with smart angles. Lateral explosion particularly impresses when working into or through frame of 1- or 2i-techniques on zone flow. Understands how to locate hands to maintain leverage or win stalemates, providing extra split-seconds of time for running lanes to develop. Grip strength seems solid. Also does well firing hands into frame in pass-protection, with good location and timing--understands limits of his own length. Sets a good pocket depth. Snap accuracy not a visible issue. Power generated on some straight-line plays.

    CONS: Balance issues at the line of scrimmage pepper his tape. Fails to recruit his lower half into almost every power-generating endeavor, thereby limiting his ability to generate displacement in the running game and stymie bull rushes as a pass protector. Hips are not stiff, just not recruited consistently. Frequently plays too far over his toes and is caught lunging: can be easily sidestepped by linebackers, push-pulled by defensive tackles, and swum on pass rushes. Issues in the second level are particularly egregious, as he works himself into such good position and then so frequently fails to make contact given lean at contact point. Smallish frame that could use more mass, especially in the lower half. Limited to zone usage in the NFL and may never succeed if power issues aren't sussed out.