Jaylon Johnson

CB, Utah

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB --
  • WT 190 lbs





    Vertical Matching: Has the athleticism to match up with anybody. Possesses excellent speed to stay on top of WR’s route downfield. Needs to improve his technique in avoiding getting stacked.

    Mirror & Close: Reactionary quickness is elite. Footwork is well coordinated with his eyes. Seamlessly stays on hip pocket of WR in and out of route breaks. Hip fluidity is easily recognizable.

    Ball Skills: Has a playmaker’s mindset. Comfortable playing w/back to the ball. Easily tracks over shoulder and is a consistent finisher at the catch point. Needs to get stronger to avoid box outs by bigger WRs.

    Route Recognition: Quick eyes and mental trigger in off man coverage. Plays with no hesitation in his click and close. Guesses often to try and make a play; makes him susceptible to double moves.

    Length/Physicality: Just average arm length, and it works to his detriment at the point of attack. Competitive toughness is unquestioned. Not afraid to get in the face of WRs. Plays a physical brand of football at LOS.

    LOS Discipline: Good patience and timing with his punch and mirror in press man. Trusts his feet to recover and would rather mirror than grab. Stays on balance in the wide receiver’s release with a good, solid base.

    Zone Coverage: Opportunistic eyes and often watches backfield action instead of getting in right position. Has the range to close windows instantly, baiting QBs in Cover 2 to break on the flat for an INT or PBU.

    Run Support: Fights hard to get off blocks and reach the point of attack. Fearlessly closes on the ball looking to bring the wood. Needs to change speeds better as a tackler, but the toughness and drive is there.

    Versatility: Played mostly outside in college, but he has the foot quickness and eye discipline at the LOS to play inside with the two-way go. Has the physicality and tackling reliability to be a primary run defender as well.

    Durability: Missed only one career game (2018), but has had two offseason shoulder surgeries that need to be monitored in the pre-draft process and Combine rechecks. Undergoing third shoulder surgery after Combine.

    NFL Comparison: Vontae Davis

    Best Trait: Mirror & Match

    Worst Trait: Getting Boxed Out

    Overview: Sudden athlete with high ceiling as a lockdown CB. Sticky on the hip pocket and doesn’t lack confidence or aggressiveness. Average size/length hurts his ability to contest every catch point but he is scheme flexible & best in press man on the boundary.