Jawaan Taylor

OT, Florida

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #65
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 334 lbs




    Run Blocking - Brings heavy hands, good core strength and powerful leg drive that enables him to create movement in the run game. That said, he must do a better job of leveraging his hips to achieve the same success in the NFL. Easily absorbs contact and redirects. Unlikely to ever be over-matched in terms of power. Sustains blocks extremely well. Has the lateral mobility and football IQ needed to be effective in zone.

    Pass Blocking - Terrific blend of length, mobility and power to be a reliable pass blocker. Rare lateral movement skills for his size. Has really cleaned up his pass sets to take proper sets to frame rushers and protect against moves to the be or c-gap. Stuns rushers with his hands. Effectively uses his length and widens the rushers path.

    Blocking in Space - Illustrates impressive range on tape, working to the second level and the perimeter to connect with moving targets. Body control on the move is outstanding and he squares up to targets in space well. Good vertical blocker and anticipates the flow of the defense while taking good angles to his landmarks. Consistently arrives on schedule.

    Power - Can play with more consistent leverage to take advantage of his play strength but plus power is evident throughout his frame. Hands are heavy and violent with insanely powerful grip strength once the clamps are set. Core strength is evident on account of how well his controls at the point of attack despite inconsistent leverage.

    IQ - Underrated strength of his game. Love how smart he is in pass protection, showing an astute understanding of what everyone's role in the scheme is and showcasing terrific eye discipline. Is always under control, alert and reactive to stunts and pressure packages. Dedicated to establishing body positioning and arrives to his landmarks on the move on schedule. Timing with scoops and combos is precise.

    Feet - Smooth and controlled footwork, especially for a man of his size. Impressive lateral mobility and smooth change of direction skills. Rarely false steps when releasing to space. Has really cleaned up issues with his kick slide that caused him issues earlier in his career.

    Hands - Hands are violent and heavy. Battles to fit his hands throughout the rep and his grip strength is outstanding when he's locked in. Is guilty of clapping instead of punching which leads to inconsistent aim and elongated strikes. Hand carriage is low in his stance. Love how he finds leverage points to create movement in the run game and works the inside shoulder when rushers threaten the outside edge track to widen their course. There is room for technical growth here to make him even more effective.

    Balance - Ability to control his massive frame, despite often bowing his back instead of leveraging his hips, is impressive. Is a smooth and controlled operator in space. Has impressive moments of hip hinge and pivoting to establish his frame. Lateral movement skills are outstanding for his stature.

    Versatility - Looks extremely comfortable playing right tackle and I'm not sure I'd mess with it. Doesn't have limitations that concern me on the left side and would probably be fine at guard. That said, I'd try and keep him at right tackle where his growth throughout his career has been impressive.

    BEST TRAIT - Pass Blocking

    WORST TRAIT - Hands

    RED FLAGS - None

    A three-year starter for the Gators, Taylor improved in every season, culminating with a dominant junior campaign. Taylor offers a rare blend of mass, length, mobility and power that make him an ideal starter at right tackle. He does have some technical improvements to be made with his hands and  playing with better leverage, which are fixable issues. Taylor has the upside to become an impact starter and fixture in a quality NFL offensive line.

    Round Grade - First Round Value