Jauan Jennings

WR, Tennessee

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #15
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 07/10/1997
  • WT 206 lbs



    Route Running - His lack of burst and juice off the LOS will allow defenders to sit on his short-game and by the time he's up to speed down the field you have to keep him on shallow angles to help him carry speed. He's pretty limited in where he'll appeal because he's so leggy with his strides and not a quick-fire athlete.

    Hands - He's got great ability to snatch the ball away from defenders. He's given some dominant work in traffic and like how he extends to catch away from his frame, you'd never guess his reach is sub-32" by how he addresses the ball. Fairly sure-handed.

    Contested Catch Ability - He's thrived here, specifically with how he bullies defenders and jostles for positioning like he's in the low post. He'll go up and get it and shows a knack for just the right level of contact to disrupt a defender's read on the ball. Wish he had a little bit more bounce to make him more dynamic in the red zone.

    RAC Ability - This dude will run you over. Love his fearlessness and willingness to embrace contact, drop a shoulder and take a hit — especially because he'll often keep on chugging. He'll pull out of soft arm tackles along the way, too — but don't ask him to get on his horse and win foot races.

    Football IQ - His production hasn't come courtesy of being a technician, which is a double sided coin. On one hand, you wish he had more polish but on the other, he clearly knows how he wins and stays true to his athletic profile. Think there's some room for growth but he needs more pop for it to translate.

    Vertical Receiving - He isn't an overly impressive athlete down the field. If you give him soft coverage he can open himself up and get down into position to win jump balls or jostle for late separation. But you'll be hard pressed to find reps of him stacking press with consistency on the boundary.

    COD Skills - His turning radius needs a few extra degrees than you'd prefer. He struggles to gear down and sink his hips effectively as a means of collecting himself and driving back to the football. With a high frame, his deceleration suffers and with long strides so does his step frequency.

    Speed - Isn't going to be a viable threat to turn on the burners and leave defenders in his wake after the catch. He might run a touch faster than his timed 4.72, but if he does it isn't by much. Doesn't carry speed through cornering with effectiveness, either — even shallow angles.

    Competitive Toughness - Alpha-dog mentality that is absolutely someone you want in your locker room. Served as a spark plug with energizer bunny energy on the field, often hyped teammates with a physical play. He's a bully and uses his size on the fringes of the box to his advantage.

    Blocking Skills - You do wish he had a bit more lateral mobility to slide and mirror and a little extra length to play away from his torso. That said, he gets into the body of defenders well enough and once he clamps you, it's curtains. Typically sustains his blocks with aggression and hand power. 


    Best Trait - Strength

    Worst Trait - Speed

    Best Film - South Carolina (2019)

    Worst Film - Alabama (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Jauan Jennings projects as a developmental X-receiver at the pro level and a potential candidate to tack on some extra pounds and play a flex tight end. Jennings' lack of burst and play speed are problematic to him consistently playing through contact and uncovering with timing at the pro level, which water down his contested catch and strength with the ball in his hands. He's a tough tweener case study who has the needed attitude to make a team, but his role needs to be very specific. 

    Updated: 04/18/2020