Jarrett Stidham

QB, Auburn

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #8
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 08/08/1996
  • WT 214 lbs




    Arm Accuracy –Has really nice touch accuracy when pushing the ball to the sideline, but really only on loft throws. He loses pinpoint accuracy when he's looking to drive the ball with any notable force. Nice bucket throws vertically. Has some inexcusable lapses due to arm slot or pressure.

    Decision Making –Will make poor decisions when his process is rushed and he's looking to defeat pressure. Less secure with the football than his numbers would suggest. He does well against straight man coverage to find open crossers and come back patterns.

    Progressions –Can be late to work off of an initial target, although he has shown that he can use the full field of play. When he's setting up in deep drops, he seems to have the most comfort knowing he has space to operate and can work eyes as needed.

    Anticipation –Willing to throw into holes vs. zone coverage and has some flashes of leading shallow crossing routes but the further into the boundary the throws get the more he seems to leave the ball behind the receiver. Needs to become better IDing/anticipating pressure reps pre-snap.

    Poise –He's going to be super dependent on his offensive line. He makes some baffling decisions, whether it's throwing up a prayer that hangs in the air, bailing and losing ground to the LOS or rolling with a loose football and getting stripped.

    Arm Strength –Has some ability to drive into tight windows but often fails to get on top of the ball and will see it float more than needed. Has plenty of juice in his vertical shots to queue up a deep ball and can drive deep posts or nines.

    Pocket Awareness –Ability to pick up or process stunts is almost non-existent. Has modest mobility to begin with but is often taken by surprise by an uncovered pass rusher and will promptly panic, breaking down his feet and losing all ability to throw under pressure.

    Mechanics –Will not be a successful passer off of untraditional throwing platforms or arm slots. Struggles with accuracy and pushes throws wide when he's forced to drop the arm to throw around a defender. His cadence on drop/hitch/release is when he's at his peak.

    Footwork –I like how he gets back out of the snap and sets himself up on his platform. Will get happy feet and/or break down his platform at first sign of duress and doesn't do well to reset, which amplifies his accuracy issues.

    Mobility –Has just enough to beat a free rusher and bail out the offense, but he needs to get better at returning to a thrower's position once he's forced off his spot. Not one to be handed any rushing concepts to aid the ground game.

    BEST TRAIT – Intermediate Touch

    WORST TRAIT – Poise

    BEST FILM – Texas A&M (2018)

    WORST FILM – Tennessee (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Jarrett Stidham is a prospect who hasn't taken the necessary steps forward as a player to warrant consideration as a potential starter early in his career. Stidham throws a pretty, easy to catch football when the infrastructure around him is right. But when he's forced to create and dictate the action, Stidham struggles greatly, which makes him more of a back-up quarterback prospect and a low ceiling starter.