JaMycal Hasty

RB, Baylor

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #6
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 5'8"
  • DOB 09/12/1996
  • WT 203 lbs




    Vision - Appreciate his patience rolling out of the mesh point and he'll do well to temper his pace before accelerating and bending off the edge into the open field. He picks up gap shooters well and slides effectively to bounce and pinball through high traffic areas in the backfield.

    Feet/COD Skills - He's smooth. Not the most urgent with his feet but he's definitely got spring and snaps himself back to balance to ensure he's able to push for extra yards if he's forced to drastically alter his trajectory in the backfield.

    Durability - Built to last thanks to dense frame and low set hips and small strike zone with his torso. That said, he isn't really a grinder and lacks the kind of juice or pop to wear out defenders. He's entering the pros with low tread so worries of wear and tear or short shelf life should be minimal.

    Balance - Low center of gravity allows him to pinball through his cuts and he does well to stay over top of his hips and absorb light contact without much issue. He's controlled and calculated in his initial press and rarely gets caught off guard when faced with initial penetration.

    Pass Protection - Is not going to offer a lot of value in protection. He's not apt to identify pressure reps when left in to block and even more frequently he's asked to release into routes. His punch radius is small and even though he's built compact his functional strength to wall off linebackers isn't a notable quality.

    Elusiveness - Slippery! Appreciate how well he'll dart through small creases and his short area acceleration and quickness is notable thanks to short strides and explosiveness. He's got good wiggle and instinct to flash into gaps before ducking back into his press and extending outside to force false steps.

    Receiving Skills - Pretty natural receiver and has some exciting potential in the flats when forced into check down role to simulate punt return type 1 on 1 scenarios. His catch radius is small but he's pretty effective as a hands catcher to cleanly pull in throws into his area.

    Short Yardage - Isn't the back you're going to call upon to grind out tough yards. Appreciate his mental toughness and his compact frame can definitely hide behind his OL on interior runs but he lacks the leg drive to really push the pile or churn out additional yardage as needed.

    Football IQ - Did benefit from a number of light boxes and he can be guilty of stringing together too many cuts without gaining ground up the field — a habit that needs to be watched carefully to ensure he's not wasting carries and leaving additional yardage on the field.

    Effort - Tough dude. Like his attitude and appreciate his willingness to put positive effort forth when he's not touching the football. Stayed engaged despite low carry totals throughout games watched and doesn't appear to be an ego player. Like his potential in the return game to get extra snaps, too. 


    Best Trait - Short Area COD

    Worst Trait - Pass Protection

    Best Film - Oklahoma State (2019)

    Worst Film - Georgia (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - JaMycal Hasty projects as an electric change of pace back at the pro level. Hasty has sudden cuts, and a respectable level of patience to wait out creases coming out of the mesh point. Hasty, while built dense, is somewhat handcuffed by a lack of authority as a finisher and isn't going to bring a lot of value against crowded boxes or when forced into protection scenarios. A late round target, Hasty can be an effective rotational player and receiving threat out of the backfield in the pros. 

    Updated: 03/21/2020