Jamal Custis

WR, Syracuse

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #17
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 228 lbs


    Route RunningNearly all of his route running comes on the vertical plane after an outside release. A host of Go routes, fades, and comebacks. Not asked to run many double moves or routes that require nuance in his stem. Operates well against press coverage, utilizing his length with above average suddenness for his size. Violent hand usage throughout his stem and at the top of the route, creating separation with physicality when necessary. Consistently operating with a clean frame as a result of his physicality. Not a plus lateral mover, and takes too many steps in order to clear his hips vertically. Doesn't look to fight pressure with pressure on his vertical routes, unable to hold his line. As a result, his vertical routes work better when running them from the slot, with extra space towards to sideline. Forces quarterbacks to be able to adjust their throw and release with anticipation because he is inconsistent with hitting his landmarks. Inconsistencies in his horizontal cuts, occasionally opening up his hips and accelerating, but too often lacking definition. His curl and comeback routes lack a downhill finish as he seems more content with boxing out the defensive back. Acceleration on his underneath routes leaves a bit to be desired. Not comfortable breaking his routes off when he's crowded at the top of the route.

    Athleticism/Speed - Passable long speed for the next level. Obvious stride length and knee drive. Can transition from patient to sudden in tight quarters, but isn't full of burst. Stride length limits his agility, which will likely show at the NFL Scouting Combine.

    Hands/Ball Skills - Can pluck and stab the ball out of the air when necessary. Has shown easy adjustments and one-handed catches due to strength in his hands, with his rep against Western Michigan being the prime example. Will rely on over the shoulder or body catches down the field, leaving a bit to be desired in the consistency of his ball skills. Will use his hands to catch the ball in the short and intermediate, or when extension is absolutely necessary. Not many drops shown on film, enhancing the idea that he can be effective as a possession piece at the next level.

    Body Control - Beautiful adjustments to the football, able to seamlessly flip his hips and position himself at the catchpoint. Late adjustments to the football to not tip off the defensive back. Aware of the boundary and can effortlessly turn his body and get upfield after corralling the ball. While effective, there isn't much attacking of the football in contested spots. His size is a massive advantage, and if he can harness his body control in order to get the most out of his ball skills, we'd be talking about a dominant possession receiver.

    Ball Carrier - Not a ton of elusiveness as a ball carrier, but has shown some strength in order to fight through low tackles in space. Will get vertical, but not making people miss or dominating in the open-field. Stride length allows him to picks up yards in only a couples steps or reach for extra while being brought down. Aware as a ball carrier, showing extensions for the pylon or first down marker. Got involved in the bubble screen game, but I wouldn't quite label this aspect of his game a strength.

    Stalk Blocking - Effective as a stalk blocker and when his blocking is schemed into the play. Does an excellent job of selling a vertical route before transitioning into a blocker, getting the defensive back on their heels. Physical, strength in his chest. Even when his feet aren't buzzing and he isn't driving, he is difficult for defensive backs to disengage from because of his length.

    Versatility - Despite only starting for one season, he has experience playing on the outside and in the slot. His vertical presence is obvious, but he needs to grow as a complete route runner. The tools for this are obvious on film, and it can likely come with extra playing time at the next level. While some will want likely him to be a "Big Slot" receiver, I think his best fit is as an outside presence.

    BEST TRAIT – Body Control

    WORST TRAIT – Ball Carrier

    RED FLAGS – None

    A relative unknown entering the season, Custis parlayed a strong senior season into an invite to the East-West Shrine game. His lack of production before this season will be a concern, but he showed enough traits to warrant a draftable grade. For example, few receivers have his natural ability down the field, and his body control could become a major weapon. He will need time and extra reps to develop, but his ceiling is that of an NFL starter.

    -Brad Kelly