Jalin Moore

RB, Appalachian State

  • Conf Sun Belt
  • Jersey #25
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 207 lbs


    Feet - Has an obvious bounce in his step. Fluid runner that naturally glides in open space. Functions from a balanced base which is evident when working off contact. Is able to make wide, dynamic cuts and drive off them. 

    Vision - Very poor. Struggles to identify creases at the line of scrimmage and is often too focused on the second level, ignoring what is directly in front of him. Frustrating amounts of reps where he runs directly into a leveraged defender. Is quick to get horizontal and abandon the play design while lacking both patience and decisiveness at times. Requires bodies to be moved out of his way at the line of scrimmage to produce. 

    Pass Protection - Is slow to diagnose pressure and is guilty of guessing. Willing to leverage his hips and attempt to absorb contact. Has effective moments riding wide rushers beyond the peak of the pocket. Overall modest play strength limits how effective he is/can be. 

    Receiving - Not a natural catcher of the football. Ball gets on top of him and eats him up frequently. Way too many drops. Is guilty of taking his eyes off the ball and failing to finish. Has the short area burst that suggests he could easily separate from linebackers as a route runner.

    Balance - Finds ways to spin and wiggle out of tackle attempts to win after contact. Executes cuts with sound body control. Mostly runs square with balanced feet. 

    Elusiveness - A bit more segmented of a runner that desirable for his profile. Illustrates good wiggle through contact. Has the fluidity to burst around the corner and execute cuts.

    Power - Not a consistent finisher and goes down fairly easily on first contact when not in the open field. Tries to spin out of most tackle attempts and moderate amounts of contact will bring him down. Rarely wins after contact on account of play strength. Doesn't have the lower body power to keep his legs churning and grind out tough yards. 

    Competitive Toughness - Doesn't consistently finish runs and will go down easily in tight quarters. Doesn't have the play strength needed for short yardage touches. Is able to wiggle out of tackle attempts in space. Desires strongly to hit home runs but it's to his detriment. Is active with his off hand in space to execute stiff arms and keep tacklers away from his frame. 

    Versatility - Lack of field vision and awareness limits his ability in any role. Cannot be trusted to find space on inside or outside zone and needs movement created at the line of scrimmage to be effective in gap runs. Questionable catching ability and inconsistencies in pass protection limit his ability to be used on passing downs. 

    BEST TRAIT - Burst

    WORST TRAIT - Vision

    RED FLAGS - Dislocated and fracture right ankle in 2018

    The 2016 Sun Belt Offensive Player of the Year, Moore put together consecutive 1,000-yard seasons before suffering a dislocated and fractured right ankle that limited him to just five games as a senior. Known for his big play ability, Moore is an exciting runner in the open field when the path is clear and decisions do not have to be made on his course with the football. Moore is an exciting athlete with explosive burst but his inconsistent field vision, modest power and unpolished receiving skill set raises questions about his ability to carve out a role in the NFL. By year three, Moore could be a complementary weapon should be develop in several critical areas. 

    Round Grade - Late Day Three Value