Jake Browning

QB, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 210 lbs



    PROS: Shows the ability to throw with touch and can make bucket throws when his receiver has downfield leverage. As a pocket passer, is at his best on rhythm and anticipation plays. Can nickel and dime with good ball placement relative to leverage. While often frantic and jumpy in the face of pressure, does have good escapability in the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield to extend plays. Able to create on the fly and works well to direct traffic on the move. Retains same levels of velocity and touch on the move as in the pocket and is frequently rolled out accordingly--however, accuracy can take a bit of a dip on the run, especially with pressure present.

    CONS: Does not have the baseline arm strength necessary to make all the NFL throws. Puts his entire frame in deep balls and ends up throwing massive rainbows that give safeties plenty of time to attack. Does not boast of the same anticipation with downfield concepts as he does with short yardage ones. Cannot jam the football into tight windows nor keep pacing of play outside of the (college) hashes. Needs air under the ball to hit comebacks, curls, and outs.

    Leaves far too much yardage on the field. Is unwilling to test man coverage unless it's one of his last remaining options and will pull the ball down when he has a man clearly open deep. Despite some good touch throws into space, cannot drop the ball into buckets between defenders/levels of the field--does not have that degree of control or angle modulation in his throwing motion. Throwing motion is long and can become divorced from lower half when he becomes frantic in the pocket. Pressure disrupts him and he cannot deliver under duress--has to escape and reset. Every play is an adventure in terms of pump fakes, resets, scrambles, redirects--he's hectic. Cannot be trusted on a game-to-game basis to consistently deliver--too easily frazzled.