Jake Bentley

QB, South Carolina

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #19
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'2''
  • DOB 11/23/1997
  • WT 220 lbs


    PROS: Plus arm and a gutsy mentality. True competitor who will empty the clip on the field. Flashes of deep ball accuracy are intriguing, even on the move. Can throw for pace and distance. Fastball to exploit tight windows. Will do what he has to do with his feet to keep the offense on schedule. Character and leadership get high marks within the organization.

    CONS: Wildly inaccurate. Throws are sprayed all over the place on every type of route, often due to an unsettled base. Ball placement consistently makes his receivers adjust and rarely sets them up for YAC. Gets skittish in the pocket and will fall off platform or get on the move when it is unnecessary. Misses too many easy ones that should be automatic completions.

    Release is a bit longer than you’d like, really cranks the ball back to let it rip. Stares down receivers on a regular basis and allows defenders to get a jump on the ball. Poor lower body mechanics just compound the issue. Deep ball is all over the place. Athleticism is ok, but not enough for him to rely on it in trouble against NFL defenses.

    Gunslinger mentality gets him into trouble. Trusts his arm to exploit any window, resulting in poor decisions and turnovers. Field vision is spotty at best, often seems to fail to see defenders in his throwing windows. Should have had way more interceptions than he did last season, and he still threw 12. Mental processing has to speed up significantly this season.