Hunter Bryant

TE, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 08/20/1998
  • WT 239 lbs




    Route Tree - Sit routes, crossers, over routes and fades litter his tape, he's quite good across the board here. Does well to carry quickness through the top of his routes. He's got necessary burst and shows awareness to step routes into space to help produce larger throwing windows. 

    Hands - Has had some struggles with drops along the way, he can frustrate here in letting some get away from him. That said, his hand strength in contested situations is good and he's done well to catch tough balls with significant body adjustment at the catch point, too. 

    Versatility - Move piece who can serve a viable role as a receiver from the slot or out of the backfield. There's not much upside to plugging him inline and routes will be more disrupted if you ask him to work through the box. Threatens all 3 levels of the field as a route runner. 

    Contested Catch Ability - Good concentration and has needed size versus defensive backs to big boy defenders and work for positioning. Excelled on ball adjustments against tight coverage and showed needed catch radius to extend and finish away from his frame. 

    RAC Ability - His burst is something in the open field. He's got good juice and will remain a mismatch threat at the NFL given his long speed as he's able to open up his strides. Good contact balance and showcased a little wiggle to produce anxious tackle challenges in space, too. 

    Power at POA - He's not going to be effective here given his frame/stature. Doesn't carry a lot of mass in the lower half and doesn't illustrate a ton of leg drive or desirable foot activity to uproot defenders. Blocking will generally need a lot of work, especially if asked to play attached to OT. 

    Competitive Toughness - Love what he can provide as a receiver. He's able to get onto the body of defenders as a route runner and create some room to work at the catch point. As a blocker, he'll get washed by defensive linemen and needs more assertive punch vs. LBs to avoid getting worked. 

    Flexibility - Very good body control, has made impressive adjustments on fades and wheels that require back shoulder targets. He's got plenty of lateral mobility through the lower half to produce spring during his redirection and hard cuts. 

    Balance - Fluid athlete in the open field that should thrive against linebackers in coverage. Block framing is tempered by a narrow base, he'll spin too easily off of contact and doesn't channel linear drive to produce movement off the LOS. 

    Football IQ - Crisp in his routes. Appreciate his awareness of timing for looking back to the football, doesn't tip his hand prematurely. There's some concessions needed to protect him from raw skill set as a blocker if he's going to find an early impact and not fall into TE transition trap. 


    Best Trait - RAC Ability

    Worst Trait - Power at POA

    Best Film - Utah (2018)

    Worst Film - Stanford (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Hunter Bryant should be a dynamic receiving threat at the NFL level. Bryant brings excellent quickness, run after catch skills and versatility to a flex tight end role. Plugging Bryant into a traditional inline role will water down his receiving skills — he's best working off the LOS or as a flexed slot receiver who can serve as a H/W/S mismatch for opposing defenders. If Bryant it put in such a flex role, look for early production and long-term starter status in the pros. 

    Updated: 12/30/2019