Harrison Hand

CB, Temple

  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #23
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 11/12/1998
  • WT 192 lbs



    Man Coverage Skills - Needs to be more persistent to press into the body of receivers when transitioning into turn and run coverage inside the contact window. His length is strong to influence from in phase and his footwork is admirable despite low start volume to stay square and not hinge or open himself prematurely.

    Zone Coverage Skills - Dude is a ballhawk in shallow zones. Love his awareness to buzz or undercut throws layered behind him when he's assigned with flat coverage. Needs to find a bit more spring for deep leverages to ensure he's able to drive into the action at the LOS when tasked with playing Cover 3.

    Feet/COD - Transitional quickness is likely to never be a suit — he's got some fairly long strides and doesn't illustrate high end foot speed to generate twitchy redirection. His feet are fairly clean and definitely deliberate to pedal, he's patient when square. Transitional steps are an area that he can clean up to stay attached and not drift off his man.

    Ball Skills - Had a big boom in ball production in 2019, his only year at Temple. His zone coverage anticipation allowed him to hunt the ball and he made the most of keying quarterbacks in zone. He's got fair amount of length and he's combative to high point and extend himself to contest throws lofted into his area.

    Flexibility - Hip level is actually pretty strong for bigger corner. He's got good bend in his pedal to stay compact but finding more dynamic spring and reach to extend the back foot may help him find more juice. He's not great in lateral situations with his long strides but he's got length to mask and his body contortion at the catch point is a plus.

    Acceleration - He's got better speed on the fly than he does in short spaces, just doesn't have the foot speed to really get himself going. Off coverage or bail technique may help him in deep third coverage and if he's playing press man and given safety help, he can be really effective. Teams that implement a lot of high pressure and Cover 0 may not fit.

    Defensive Spacing - Football IQ pops here, he's pretty savvy to feel high-low scenarios and anticipate targets in zone coverage. Plucked INTs vs. Maryland and Memphis with good spacing and reaction to key on throws. He's not super rangy in flat footed reads but IQ helps. Needs to stay on the body in transition in turn and run.

    Competitive Toughness - He's got some nasty hits on his resume! LOVE his attitude to step down and lay a big pop in support (although wrap up discipline will help him get more kills). He's a physical player who has re-route ability and will get receivers off schedule if he successfully lands a punch in press.

    Run Support - He's quick to trigger not just the run but also the WR screen to fly up and attack the point man. He's got the hand power and assertiveness to collapse WRs and harden edges for run support to ensure backs do not get a clean corner to turn. Tackling can be a bit scatter shot as he looks for highlight blows as a tackler.

    Tackling - Just get a little more discipline out of him against unsuspecting ball carriers and we're set. He's got the right demeanor and attitude, which some may try to project to safety. He's an effective cut tackler down low as well. Needs to be a bit more sure to wrap the body at the catch point as he attacks the football in the air. 


    Best Trait - Physicality

    Worst Trait - Transitional Quickness

    Best Film - Memphis (2019)

    Worst Film - Southern Methodist (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Harrison Hand is an intriguing early Day 3 option. Some teams will peg Hand as a safety due to some natural restrictions with his transitions in off coverage — but for Cover 3 heavy defenses Hand can be a booming presence to crash into the LOS and play run support. Whether he's a safety convert or a scheme specific cornerback, there's starter potential here. He's savvy in shallow zones, he's got great length and he'll step up in support and smack you. Like his foundation to develop. 

    Updated: 02/13/2020