Drew Lewis

LB, Colorado

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #20
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1''
  • DOB 09/07/1995
  • WT 230 lbs


    PROS: Bursty, fluid player who can eat up ground in space. Generally approach dealing with climbing OL a mixed bag, but when he anticipates, he's very slippery and can work himself into the hole to make plays. More frequently able to cut underneath climbers than work overtop. Is willing and frequently does come meet OL in the trees with power. Can convert speed-to-power on both blitzes and run fills alike, to shock OL back and clear himself to get involved in the tackle. Will recruit his hands to help forklift as well, though upper body strength seems limited.

    Has sideline-sideline range against boundary plays and does well to track runners into the sideline. Flies downfield as a cover man with excellent speed; can get head turned and attack the catch point on the ball's arrival. Can run with anyone in coverage. Makes tackles at difficult body angles with flexible frame. Could do better dropping hips into contact but isn't terrible in that regard. Uses long arms well to lengthen tackle radius.

    CONS: Doesn't yet have a good understanding of his role within the defense. Tape peppered with examples of taking on blocks with the incorrect leverage, thereby making life more difficult for other second- or third-level defenders. As an EMLOS defender, frequently loses outside leverage with overly aggressive style of play. Generally plays too immediately downhill, spoiling his pursuit angles for plays moving away from him by shortening the distance for climbing OL.

    Will lose the ball-carrier behind the offensive line and fail to make easy plays accordingly; generally not a good processor. When encountering physicality, will be too willing to take it on the pads without creating a base or delivering counterblows--gets walked back and wrenched out of gaps, always trying to evade but never ready for the initial contact. Awareness in short zones not yet there, as to be expected for a player who doesn't yet understand his role in the defense.