Diontae Johnson

WR, Toledo

  • Conf Mid-American - West
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 181 lbs


    Routes - Sudden and shifty route runner. Freelances quite a bit but he gets open with consistency. Separation quickness is excellent. Quick and fluid in and out of breaks. Deceptive movements force regular false steps from opponents.

    Hands - Inconsistent and he has his share of disappointing drops. Does not consistently get his hands properly aligned to catch the football. Does not regularly or naturally pluck the football outside his frame.

    Ball Skills - Doesn’t win with consistency at the catch point. Establishing his frame while also tracking the football presents challenges. Late adjustments are problematic and he misplays the ball a fair amount.

    YAC Ability - Dynamic. Super twitched up and elusive with the ball in his hands. Accelerates rapidly and quickly transitions from receiver to runner. Very creative with the ball in his hands and he has good vision.

    Release - Deploys an endless array of jab steps, body fakes, hand swipes and aggressive angles to beat press coverage. With that said, more physical corners will crowd him and suffocate his release. Hard steps into his stems and he works hard to push corners and get them out of their balanced set.

    Play Speed - Quicker than he is fast. Isn’t going to run away from NFL defensive backs so more technique will be required to separate at the next level. Blends quickness with terrific agility and elusiveness.

    Blocking - Gives good effort but he struggles to consistently seal opponents. Lacks play strength and mass to win. Opponents easily play right through his blocks. Should not be trusted to hit key blocks on the perimeter.

    Play Strength - I love how he competes but his lack of mass and play strength does present some restrictions. Gets bumped at the catch point and rerouted when corners get their hands on him.

    Versatility - Has some appeal both outside and from the slot, attacking all levels of the field. Has been an electronic return guy. Averaged 20 yards per punt return with 2 touchdowns and returned two kicks for scores as well. Should thrive in a gadget role.

    BEST TRAIT - Agility

    WORST TRAIT - Play Strength/Hands

    RED FLAGS - 2016 - broken foot

    Whether it’s in the return game or creating after the catch, Johnson is an electric playmaker with the ball in his hands. He thrives in space with his burst, agility, vision and creativity as a ball carrier. While those same elusive traits and shiftiness shows up in his route running, more technique and timing will be required for him to separate at the next level. In addition, Johnson’s hands and ball skills have plenty of variance. Johnson has the upside of a versatile weapon who should demand opportunities with the ball at the next level but his role may not be overly prominent.

    Round Grade - Mid Day 3