Dexter Williams

RB, Notre Dame

  • Conf FBS Independents
  • Jersey #2
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 203 lbs



    Feet - Adequate foot speed but precise timing with his cuts accentuates the burst he can generate. Outstanding vision leads to quick responses with his feet and he can quickly adjust his track to avoid tacklers. Presses the line of scrimmage with pace and rhythm, mindful of the second level and making life easier for his blockers.

    Vision - Astute understanding of where lanes will develop and attacks them as they open. Blends patience wonderfully with decisiveness. Vision in the open field is ordinary.

    Pass Protection - Has the frame and play strength that would suggest this could be an area of strength but the results are mixed. His primary deficiency is not keeping his feet engaged throughout the rep. He’s willing to step forward and absorb contact but his feet deaden on contact and he easily gets worked around.

    Receiving - Only 22 career receptions across four seasons and his drop rate as a senior was fairly highly. Routes are lazily run and it's clear that technique and comfort are lacking.

    Balance - Takes on tacklers well and sustains himself. Terrific control with his cuts in space and he is always square. Base can narrow a bit which takes away from his contact balance. Plays within himself.

    Elusiveness - Fairly pedestrian. Modest agility and he isn’t overly dynamic with his cuts or lateral mobility. Requires more than desired gear down to stop-start.

    Power - He’s a physical runner but I wouldn’t say he is overly power. Adequate ability to exchange and work for yards after contact but it’s not a “strength”. Could stand to run with better leverage and forward lean to take advantage of his functional strength.

    Competitive Toughness - No concerns here as a ball carrier. Williams works hard to maximize his touches although he does himself no favors by taking on contact while remaining upright. Route running effort can disappoint.

    Versatility - Has upside as a ball carrier both between the tackles and working off-tackle. Passing down upside is below average as a receiver and he needs to improve in pass protection. Five career kick returns (none in 2017 or 2018) and zero punt returns.

    BEST TRAIT - Vision

    WORST TRAIT - Passing Downs

    RED FLAGS - 2016 marijuana possession and having a handgun with no license. 2018 failed drug test.

    Williams was non-existent during his first three seasons for the Irish, but broke out as a senior despite serving a four-game suspension. While is adequately powerful and modestly elusive, his vision and decision making as a runner make him appealing. He carries the football with outstanding pace, rhythm and spatial awareness. Unfortunately, Williams hasn’t been impactful on passing downs as a receiver or blocker which takes away from his valuation. Williams can provide depth at the next level as part of the rotation.

    Round Grade - Mid Day 3