Devine Ozigbo

RB, Nebraska

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #22
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB --
  • WT 230 lbs



    Vision -Likable patience as he presses the line of scrimmage. Will allow blocks to develop and wait out a scraping defender before cutting into space and pressing into the second level. Anticipates defensive flow well on the second level to set up arriving tacklers.

    Feet/Change of Direction -Smooth. Excellent step cadence as he presses the line to stay collected and ready to drive into a lane. Start/stop ability is notable and shows good lower body mobility to enhance his hard stutter steps and cuts .

    Durability -Low treat on the tires. Has only carried the football 20+ times in a game 7 times in his college career. Physical grinder who has the running style to wear out defenders late in ball games, closed out a sloppy win vs. Michigan State with hard runs late in the game.

    Balance -Rarely caught over-extending himself with his feet, plays well within his means. Contact balance is terrific and will show some looseness throughout his frame to contort and stay balanced after low and high tackle attempts alike.

    Pass Protection -Has been late to slide laterally in the pocket when tasked with protecting interior gaps and conceded some pressures as a result, but possesses a good attitude and a terrific frame for absorbing free runners in the pocket.

    Elusiveness -Lateral quickness is impressive, particularly for a player of his stature. Has good wiggle and balance to recollect himself and cut back away from a tackler. Can't quite pair his cuts with explosiveness into space to pull away and consistently gash the secondary.

    Receiving Ability -Has fought the football on occasions, doesn't necessarily have the softest hands relative to elite RB pass catchers. That said, has been very active in the passing game and can create a lot of extra yards vs. soft underneath zones thanks to power in the open field.

    Short Yardage Skill -Knows when it is time to stick his nose down and push the pile. Rarely brought down on the first bit of contact and shows great foot drive to continue to sustain the pile and push defenders back. Gets low and spins through contact to find forward momentum.

    Football Intelligence -Isn't a bull in a china shop, understands the need to process. Does well on zone concepts to allow blockers to set the hook before making his first move. Instinctual runner on the second level, feels pursuit well. Knows how to use his size to stave off tacklers in open field.

    Effort -Hard nosed back. Love his understanding of when the point of attack has been lost and quick decision to minimize losses and get back to the LOS. Developed into a team leader by example in off-season prior to his final season with the program.

    BEST TRAIT - Feet

    WORST TRAIT - Long Speed

    BEST FILM - Northwestern (2018)

    WORST FILM - Michigan State (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Devine Ozigbo remodeled his body entering the 2018 CFB season and enjoyed a career season. If able to sustain his current playing condition, Ozigbo could be a bargain buy for an NFL franchise looking to implement a blend of power and lateral quickness into their backfield. Ozibgo thrived in zone rushing concepts at Nebraska under coach Scott Frost, he showed strong anticipation and vision pressing the line of scrimmage to find gaps and secondary cuts.