Davante Davis

CB, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #18
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 205 lbs


    PROS: Experienced senior cornerback who has excellent size for the position. Uses his strength to his full advantage. Plays zone responsibilities with great positioning and spatial awareness. Will click and close on passes underneath him with solid transitions, rarely false stepping or wasting motion. Uses his physicality to play the hands of the receiver with good timing, disrupting catchpoints and forcing them to hold on through contact. Possesses good ball skills to breakup throws. Locates the wide receivers hands and can punch through them even at the highest point. Plays vertical routes better when he’s able to get hands on the receiver and track their hip. Solid pace to his hip flips and openings when necessary.

    High effort, high motor player who doesn’t shy away from run responsibilities. Will take an extra moment to process runs or throws behind the line of scrimmage, but once fully committed he can be a force of a tackler. Likes to play downhill, can rip through blocks or blow up smaller wide receivers who attempt to block him in space. Immediate knowledge of his force responsibility well when offenses scheme up plays to attack the edge.

    CONSCan open up his hips too early as wide receivers threaten vertically on him. Will allow for some shallow and intermediate passes because of this when receivers time up their breaks. Giving extra room in his alignment than the other cornerbacks on Texas' defense. While his ability to break downhill towards the football is evident, there will be questions about Davis’ long speed compared to NFL-level receivers. Additionally, despite quality footwork as he clicks and closes, he can occasionally take an extra moment to shift his weight and burst.

    Will potentially be pigeon-holed as more of a zone-scheme cornerback because he is more comfortable in space. Doesn’t consistently press wide receivers at the line and can struggle to get his hands on them. In his run support, he is aggressive but doesn’t always take more desirable angles to the ball carrier. Can be beat out to the edge because he will fly too far upfield due to a lack of discipline and knowledge of line of scrimmage.