Darius West

S, Kentucky

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #25
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 210 lbs


    Coverage - Most successful in short zones where he is able to read the quarterbacks eyes and work into throwing lanes. Doesn’t have natural route anticipation skills. Limited in man coverage. Like him much better as a low safety.

    Tackling - Willing to come downhill and tackle but technique on arrival is poor. Struggles to come to balance and finds himself nipping at ankles. Has good hitting power but he needs to elevate his aiming point and keep his head up. Must become more consistent wrapping up.

    Processing - Does not have natural route anticipation skills and is generally a tick late to respond in zone. Modest ability to pick up and track the football. Plays forward quickly and commits to his pursuit angle.

    Ball Skills - Does well to read the quarterback and disrupt at the catch point when given the opportunity to play forward. Ability to track and compete for the ball in the air diminishes with his back to the line of scrimmage. Ball finds him more than he does make plays on it.

    Range - Does not posses top end speed or quick processing skills to cover ground. Generally takes sound pursuit angles which does help him overcome speed/processing deficiencies. Urgent player that works hard in pursuit.

    Physicality - Aggressively attacks downhill and will make tackles in the box and the perimeter. Has some issues playing off contact and can get stuck on blocks. Is willing to tackle and be physical at the top of routes and at the catch point.

    Play Speed - Has ordinary speed and is not a burner that rapidly covers ground. Will have some matchup limitations in man coverage. Not a true sideline-to-sideline threat in pursuit of the football.

    Flexibility - Battles through tightness in the lower half that is exposed in his transitions. Needs to play with more consistent leverage and bend. Too stiff in his hips to turn and run in man coverage.

    Versatility - Can play in the box and split zones. Not ideally suited for single high looks or frequent use in man coverage. His best moments come playing closer to the line of scrimmage.

    BEST TRAIT - Physicality

    WORST TRAIT - Versatility

    RED FLAGS - Broke the same leg three times. Once in 2013 and it cost him his senior season of high school, again in January of 2014 doing a box drill and then again in preseason. Took medical hardship redshirt in 2016 on account of rupturing a patellar tendon in preseason.

    West's ability to attack downhill, play through contact and aggressively finish makes him ideally suited to play strong safety and line up regularly in the box. He is a physical player that can set the tone defensively. With that said, he is limited in pass coverage and is not a candidate for single high looks or man coverage. In year one, West should land a role in special teams in which his physicality will serve him well. By year three, West has upside in subpackages while he provides depth at strong safety but his ticket to a long career is special teams. His medicals are quite concerning.