D'Andre Swift

RB, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #7
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB 01/14/1999
  • WT 215 lbs






    Vision: Nuanced player with some solid instincts to his game. Reads unblocked overhangs, stack linebackers, and rotating safeties really well and is able to adjust his plan to second-level flow with great reflexes. Has excellent open-field vision for working against pursuit into space and feels angles really well when working laterally to understand when he can bounce outside of contain successfully. First level vision isn't as developed and his instincts for DL working across face or exchanging gaps isn't as developed.

    Burst: Flicks the switch and goes, man. Has the ability to win on stretch runs by making contain player wrong with great initial path to force defenders to declare, then excellent burst to work opposite their choice. Can climb into the second and third level rapidly when holes open up for him on a straight line between the tackles or when working zone flow. Will burst through arm tackles as well.

    Change of Direction: Angular style runner with a devastating dead leg/jab step outside of his frame to execute quality cuts without losing momentum. Not necessarily an elusive or quick player who is a bit heavy on his feet; not a candidate for making defenders miss head-up in space without in some way initiating contact. One-cut slasher style is present in his game, which sweetens his zone runner outlook.

    Power: Well-built for his frame with good density throughout and particularly impressive size in his shoulders and chest to deliver hit stick blows when he drops his pad level. Generally smaller frame does not lend itself well to winning against much bigger first and second level defenders, but has natural leverage and great leg drive to win in tight quarters. Will be upright into contact at times when he seems to be caught thinking instead of acting.

    Second-Level Speed: Not a burner. More of a one-gear runner who has excellent burst but then isn't able to open his stride and really blow the roof off the thing. Is often caught in pursuit from closing safeties and cornerbacks. Ability to vary speeds is excellent and that's where he generates his explosive plays, but he doesn't really run away from anyone.

    Contact Balance: Has quality balance in large part because of his admirable approach to contact: he initiates and look to run through, instead of taking on contact with timidity or just an off-hand screen. Lowers his shoulder and drops his hips and looks to spin through or power through contact, often successfully. Can get a bit too contact-drunk and minimize his own in-space ability by hunting out tackle-breaks.

    Decision-Making: Doesn't make many mistakes, but doesn't make many plays, either. Regularly follows zone flow by the book in the tackle box and burrows his head for modest gains when backside cuts are available, and he's invariably successful on them. Reads leverage on pullers correctly initially but will become too oriented on getting north and fails to account for defenders working across face. Generally too conservative for his athletic ability and would benefit from a looser leash.

    Pass Catching: Really impressive profile. Has multiple adjustment catches that include tracking ability down the field or extension catches with soft hands outside of his frame. Runs a full route tree for the position and was occasionally aligned out wide. Explosive cuts on option routes and gets head back with intention even when he's a checkdown option. Quality player here.

    Pass Protection: Has the frame and technique down, and vision is generally solid here, but proactivity could improve. Is too brisk working to a check release and will miss delayed rushers as he leaks through a different gap. Patience improvements would make him a high-quality NFL player in this regard.

    Round Grade: Incomplete

    Best Trait: Pass Catching

    Worst Trait: Decision-Making

    Pro Comparison: Dalvin Cook

    Summary: D'Andre Swift is an early Day 2 candidate for teams looking for a three-down starter in a wide zone system. Swift is a highly effective runner outside the tackles with a unique blend of physicality, acceleration, and body control to maximize space and confound angles when in the second level. Swift has multiple years cached as an important member of the pass-catching game and has a developer route tree and trustworthy hands for the NFL level. Between the tackles and in tight spaces, Swift can adhere too strictly the physical brand of play that Georgia champions, as well as the chalkboard design of the running scheme, which minimizes his playmaking ability. Swift would be better served in a spread offense that maximizes his angular, tempo running style with strong zone flow.