Cody Thompson

WR, Toledo

  • Conf Mid-American - West
  • Jersey #25
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 205 lbs





    Route Running - Outstanding vertical burst out of his stance. Smooth 0-60 burst in his stems and eats up grass quickly. He's at his best when tasked with vertical double moves, as he sells his initial breaks well. Great burst out of stutters and loose in the hips that's allow him to move laterally. Can improve his anticipation of contact out of the double moves, but always creating separation down the field. Needs to stack defensive backs with more consistency. In the intermediate, is better when working against zone coverage. Easily finds windows, slipping through traffic with his easy cuts. Doesn't create as much separation against man coverage, as his horizontal and comeback breaks can be a bit inefficient. While he glides upfield, he can isn't always threatening leverage consistently in is stems. Will occasionally not sell the deep ball well enough to get the cornerback to open their hips. Doesn't work through contact that well because of a lack of hand usage, but the lateral shiftiness he has can keep his frame free against press coverage.

    Athleticism/Speed - His light feet gives him smooth athleticism, as he can glide around the field with fluidity. Deep speed is obvious, as he has beaten defensive backs vertically without much deception. Love his acceleration from his stance or a pause in his route. Should test well in his 40 yard dash, but likely only an average mover in his agility drills.

    Hands/Ball Skills - Lacks ideal ball skills, relying more on his body and passive hand placement in order to make receptions. This habit can get him in trouble in contested spots, as he won't fully extend back to the catchpoint. When he's uses his hands, he doesn't necessarily pluck the ball out of the air and tuck it with pace. Struggles when he has to fully extend his hands in order to make grabs. Hasn't shown many drops on film, despite his lack of true ball skills. Down the field, has excellent concentration on the ball until it falls into his hands.

    Body Control - Body control is obvious down the field or along the boundary. Can adjust to passes but prefers to catch deep balls over his shoulder, so he lacks the ideal mechanics to high point passes above the rim. Rarely climbs the ladder. When he's created separation, his tracking and body control can allow him to accelerate through the catchpoint. However, if a defensive back is in phase, Thompson struggles to haul it in.

    Ball Carrier - Curious lack of ability as a ball carrier, sometimes choosing to go for possession-style receptions when he has space to work with. Lacks an easy transition from receiver to ball carrier, and doesn't have much juice or elusiveness with the ball in his hands. Sometime questionable vision when there is open space directly in front of him. Better as a runner after the catch when he's able to track the ball over his shoulder.

    Stalk Blocking - Plus blocker who shows positive effort on a regular basis. There are lapses in his effort when the running play isn't anticipated to go towards his side of the field, but generally a weapon as a blocker. Collapses the space on defensive backs and works to stay engaged. Not always driving but does a good job of shifting his hips to allow the ball carrier to slip by him. Has shown effort to block far down the field. Above average physicality, will look to finish when he gets defensive backs off balance.

    Versatility - Used in a variety of roles, but he is at his best as a vertical presence. Lined up in multiple spots in the formation, including motions, and ran mostly a full route tree. Has enough size to suggest he'll be formidable working in any role in an NFL offense. Used as a punt returner this season, including 1 return for a touchdown.

    BEST TRAIT – Body Control

    WORST TRAIT – Ball Skills

    RED FLAGS – None

    Thompson is a productive and versatile veteran wide receiver. With over 3,300 yards and 30 touchdowns in his career, he has put together plus film over the course of multiple years. Thompson has filled multiple roles in Toledo's offense, and has the size and athleticism combination to play on the outside or in the slot at the next level. His route running should translate right away, but he needs to improve his ball skills in order to thrive upon entering the NFL. Coming from a small conference, Thompson has draftable film but initially projects as a bottom of the roster wide receiver for an NFL franchise.