Christian Rector


  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #89
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'3''
  • DOB 04/22/1997
  • WT 275 lbs


    PROS: Long and thick player who can hold his own at the point of attack. Uses length well in both run and pass game. In running game, often wins outside leverage easily and maintains it with locked elbows; in passing game, uses one-arm stab early and often in reps to generate initial displacement and begin walking OT back into the quarterback. Has some off-ball quickness to slant into gaps and is tough to move when he drops his hips and pads, though tendency to pop up at snap limits this effect. Flashed the ability to take a tight corner with good footwork aiming toward the quarterback; hand usage also present, but both bend and hands rare on tape and must be hit with more frequency.

    CONS: Has very few quality wins as a pass rusher. Very content to lean on hand(s) with the bull rush and maintain pocket structure. Reverts to the early one-hand stab in all scenarios, whether advantageous or otherwise, and must learn how to synthesize and improvise rush plans on the fly. Will come into contact with only pedestrian power if he's already mentally removed himself from contention on the play--has been stood up by RBs and TEs despite excellent size and a good strength profile.

    Lacks short area quickness and body control; unable to close gap on bouncing runners from outside leverage, thereby losing the edge despite good positioning. Tackling in space also a question, as he typically leaves his feet or lunges. Does not yet have an established plan for handling kick-out blocks and will get stuck between wrong arm and stepping down, rendering him ineffective. Gap discipline generally uninspiring and problematic. Stacks well but fails to locate the runner quickly and often relinquishes gaps he could have covered had he been quicker to process. Upright frame hurts him on leverage plays, and can get displaced by squattier OL or even powerful running backs.