Cameron Dantzler

CB, Mississippi State

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #3
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 09/03/1998
  • WT 185 lbs




    Pros: This cornerback has good overall athleticism for the position. His very good length saves him when his technique or his eyes have put him in unfavorable positions. In the run game, he displays good willingness to be the force player in Cloud. In the passing game is where he excels. He will travel with receivers, so he has some experience on both sides. When he bails, he easily opens his hips and runs upfield with receivers. He displays some ball skills, he stays in phase up field and doesn't panic when the balls in the air. Matches up favorably in the red zone and in goal line situations due to his length, skill set and competitiveness. He also projects favorably in zone coverage

    Cons: For a player with his length, he should be a much better and more consistent rerouter at the line of scrimmage in hard press. Needs to improve the consistency with his eyes, especially when he is in bail technique. Doesn’t have good play strength and can get overwhelmed when bigger, stronger WRs are stalk blocking him. He doesn't have great speed, nor does he possess great agility in a short area. Doesn’t have great reactive athleticism, but his competitiveness and length are some of his redeeming attributes. In off man, he opens his hips much too early, keeps his eyes in the backfield too long, ultimately leaving him susceptible to 2 routes, 6 routes and other routes attacking his leverage. 

    Updated: 11/02/2019