Calvin Anderson

OT, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #66
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5''
  • DOB 03/25/1996
  • WT 300 lbs


    Pass Sets - Sets are hindered by tightness in ability to flip the hips and transition. Initial kick step is too shallow and often times results in having to flip early and chase after defenders around the edge. Short sets offer more effectiveness and allow him to establish base/anchor.

    Length/Extension - Has excellent length and has put it to good use when feet and positioning is compromised to extend and maintain pocket integrity. Punch timing stands to improve but wingspan allows for early contact in high frequency to initiate and subsequently maintain contact.

    Balance - Tightness through the hips yields too many plays overextended over top of his toes. As a result will drop on occasion and lose footing after initial charge. Frames blocks well in linear releases off of the LOS, sustains width through the feet to lock up on defenders.

    Hand Technique - Does not show a lot of subtlety in efforts to negate defenders' hands at first strike. Will extend the outside arm in pass protection to maximize extension as needed. Tight hand fits yield a lot of strength and control of the point of attack.

    Power at POA - Climbing off of the line and into defensive territory can yield impressive results. Drive blocking is one of best overall qualities, has no problem stepping down and washing out a defender to soften the edge, either.

    Football IQ - Success in first season at Texas comes after starting at Rice for three seasons, although technical deficiencies are still present. Has been late to identify and transition and pick up a twist or blitz. Has ample room for growth if he clears white board talks.

    Functional Athleticism - Moves well enough in lateral situations, particularly on the backside as a cut-off blocker when tasked with working across the face of an inside alignment. Can move awkwardly trying to pinball and mirror in short spaces due to long strides and some hip tightness.

    Anchor Ability - Late anchor is effective, offers enough lower body strength and knee bend to get hips down enough to squat on power rushes. Can be prone to leaving the inside foot soft for defenders to hump back across his face, however.

    Flexibility - Inability to disassociate the hips from the torso is frustrating and the rot of a lot of issues. Will need to maximize technique to mask. Has little issue anchoring with a wide base, tightness is showcased trying to drive back for depth in pass sets and hinging to greet rushers on edge.

    Competitive Toughness - Has potential to be more consistent in efforts to reset the line of scrimmage with better hand timing. Has plenty of mass in the lower half and when balanced is difficult to collapse and generate extra space against.

    BEST TRAIT - Length/Extension

    WORST TRAIT - Flexibility

    BEST FILM - Oklahoma (2018)

    WORST FILM - USC (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Calvin Anderson has the potential to be an effective power tackle in the NFL. His limitations in hip mobility will hinder his ceiling as a pass protector but Anderson has ample length to mask these issues if he's able to optimize his pass set and get better depth in his deep sets. Anderson is a plus drive blocker with enough functional athleticism to warrant consideration as a potential starter in the long term. Will require a strong OL coach to draw out his abilities, however.