Caleb Wilson


  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #81
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 07/15/1996
  • WT 235 lbs




    Routes - Has proven to be effective working the middle of the field and seam. Lack of effort is notable at times. Stems are soft and he easily gets knocked off course. Gets swallowed up at the top of routes when there is contact. Runs tall and the timing is erratic.

    Hands - There are plenty of positive reps on film with him tightly squeezing the football away from his frame. Hands appear soft and he handles the ball nicely with pace. Has some frustrating drops that appear to be a result of getting his hands aligned properly to catch the football.

    Ball Skills - If he can get his frame positioned to box out defenders, he has success in contested situations. Do not project him favorably to elevating and winning in the air. Has shown the ability to extend and adjust.

    YAC Ability - Adequate tuck and turn skills. Decisive after the catch, where some of his most competitive moments on film are revealed. Doesn’t illustrate creativity with the ball in his hands and he gets chopped down fairly easily.

    Play Speed - While he ran an impressive 4.56 40-yard dash at the combine, the rest of his athletic testing was very poor and that straight line speed doesn’t show up in any way on film. Effort wanes, further mitigating his functional athleticism.

    Play Strength - Pretty evident that his functional strength is lacking with nearly all exchanges. Gets stood up and plugged back into holes when tasked with in-line blocking. Gets bumped easily as a route runner. Body composition doesn’t reveal muscle definition expected of a collegiate athlete.

    In-line Blocking - Lacks functional strength and technique. Hands are placed wide. Gets bullied exchanging power with defensive ends and placed right back into the c-gap. Lack of strength is exacerbated by inconsistent effort.

    Space Blocking - Doesn’t collapse quickly enough and his angles are poor, leading to inconsistency arriving on schedule muchless fulfilling his assignment. Passive exchanges and defenders easily play through his efforts.

    Versatility - Restrictions are present, regardless of the role. Routes are sloppy. Lacks power and technique at the point of attack as a blocker. Lack of effort and timidity are disappointing for a game predicated on competing.

    BEST TRAIT - Hands

    WORST TRAIT - Competitive Toughness/Strength

    RED FLAGS - None

    Wilson has been a productive middle of the field receiver for UCLA across the last two seasons but projecting him to do the same at the next level is challenging given his restrictions. While he ran an excellent 40-yard dash time at the Combine, his overall athletic profile is disappointing. That, combined with inconsistent effort, leads to lazy routes that lack the separation quickness to get open at the next level. His effort and functional strength also miss the mark as a blocker. Wilson has low level TE2 upside, likely used in a flex role in sub packages.

    Round Grade - UDFA