Brett Rypien

QB, Boise State

  • Conf Mountain West - Mountain
  • Jersey #4
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 07/09/1996
  • WT 203 lbs




    PROS: Super clean mechanically with an incredibly snappy release. Can threaten tight windows in the short and intermediate areas and dice up zones with his quick motion and great zip on the football. Uses his full body to generate velocity on both rope and touch throws alike, which serves career longevity and snap-to-snap accuracy. Doesn't have pinpoint accuracy but delivers a very catchable football to almost every region of the field. Attacks windows with back-shoulder placement to protect the football. A true pocket passer who goes to secondary and tertiary progressions readily and with poise in a clean pocket.

    Can scramble to extend plays, with decent mobility and characteristic throwing motion, zip, and placement on the run as well. An excellent touch passer who can drop throws in the buckets on the sideline and between closing defenders. Maximizes YAC by hitting receivers in stride and can throw to space with good anticipation of breaks and timing. Has a pretty deep ball that he can put on the appropriate shoulder/leverage with average success. Will use legs to pick up first downs when the situation arises.

    CONS: Will lock onto first pre-snap read at times and attempt to force the ball into unnecessary windows, trusting too greatly in his own accuracy to fit the throw. In that he recruits his full body to generate velocity, does not have amazing arm strength, and throws to the sideline will peter out if he can't set a clean base. Likewise, is strained to his limit when attacking outside of the numbers deep, and will frequently put the ball closer to the numbers than to the sideline, which gives CBs plenty of room to make a play. Panics under pressure and often makes ill-advised "hope" throws when under duress; not an escapist. Little small for NFL standards.