Bobby Okereke

LB, Stanford

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #20
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 07/29/2001
  • WT 234 lbs





    PROS: Super explosive linebacker who fits the mold of a pursuit WILL at the next level. Excels at knifing down into the line of scrimmage and shooting gaps. Does very well to time his attacks and knows how to play with patience to force the RB to declare. Has true sideline-sideline range when pursuing boundary plays and can beat ball-carriers to the corner, limiting second-level runs. Does have a quick eye for the game and good instincts, though he will trust himself too much and get fooled by misdirection. Takes on block with clearly understood technique and good effort. Long speed/burst profile proves valuable in coverage reps and as a blitzing LB.

    CONS: Struggles mightily as a tackler. Regularly lunges into contact from quite a ways away; seems a bit stubby in the arms and cannot carry wrap through to the ground. High-waisted frame leads to laborious change of direction; will get exposed in space by hesitation moves/jukes. Despite willingness and explosiveness into contact, widely struggles to handle climbing offensive linemen. Can be far too passive waiting for them to arrive despite the fact that he clearly sees them coming; takes on contact without requisite hip bend and powerful hands to exchange power. Either ends up in the third level or in the first level, never maintaining leverage on second level; eats turf often.

    Instinctive player who will over-pursue, especially when threatened to the boundary. Neglects his in-the-box responsibility and can allow big plays to shoot up the middle when displaced. As a coverage 'backer, change-of-direction questions remain: will struggle to get his hips flipped at times and allow separation, though there are some positive reps here.