Benny Snell

RB, Kentucky

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #26
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB 03/27/1998
  • WT 223 lbs




    Feet - Short-strider with considerable step frequency as he approaches the hole which allows the second level to get a jump. Does not generate much burst when planting and cutting. Slow acceleration to and through the hole. Not very springy.

    Vision - Traditional, one-cut runner that can attack schemed holes. Illustrates some creativity to find space when the play design fails. Is a decisive runner that generally makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. Does well to keep looking for space and not get stuck in the same vicinity.

    Pass Protection - Highly effective. Diagnoses where pressure will come from, steps up and absorbs contact. Does well to square up rushers and anchor. Knows when to cut block and make sure rushers hands don't clog up throwing lanes.

    Receiving - Does not offer a skill set that suggests he will be able to separate from linebackers. Hands are adequate but he presents nothing more than a check down option as a a receiver. Value on passing down comes from his ability to win in pass pro.

    Balance - Operates from a balanced base and absorbs contact well. Runs behind his pads with good forward lean. Doesn't make overly dynamic cuts but controls his body well when changing directions.

    Elusiveness - Can get some lateral width on jump cuts. Overall lacks wiggle and twitch to make people miss in the open field. Modest stop/start ability but his spatial awareness and power enables him to anticipate pursuit and set up tacklers to win post-contact.

    Power - Is a true hammer between the tackles. Lacks of speed through the hole invites contact and he does well to battle through it. Can run through tacklers and has enough leg drive to move piles. Exposes timid tackle attempts and requires an honest effort to go down.

    Competitive Toughness - Works hard to maximize his touches and compete for yards after contact. Isn't a great tackle breaker but he runs with purpose and intent. His frame, leg drive and vision makes him a viable option for short yardage carries.

    Versatility - Likely a gap/power runner that is limited to between the tackles carries in the NFL. Has three-down ability because of his effectiveness as a pass blocker. Receiving skill set is vanilla.

    BEST TRAIT - Competitive Toughness

    WORST TRAIT - Burst

    RED FLAGS - None

    Snell has been a productive workhorse back for Kentucky over the last three seasons. He has the size and power to operate as a downhill runner in a gap/power scheme in the NFL. While Snell enjoyed terrific production in college, his lack of burst and elusive traits limit his NFL upside. His vision, power and ability to win in pass pro are his keys to success in the NFL. By year three, Snell has the makings of a rotational back that offers value as a battering ram, pass protector and special teams contributor.

    Round Grade - Mid Day Three Value