Benjamin Lemay

RB, Charlotte

  • Conf Conference USA - East
  • Jersey #32
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB --
  • WT 216 lbs


    Vision - Appreciate what he brings between the tackles, he should have some modest success on inside zone thanks to anticipation and short strides to alter his trajectory and pick his way through traffic. Will need to pick up more narrow gaps to be a more consistent yardage runner at the pro level.

    Feet/COD Skills - He's not overly springy and his athletic profile in lateral situations is somewhat stale — but he makes the most of what he's got with high fire feet and constant step frequency. Best in shallow angles to jitterbug through gaps and pick his way to daylight effectively.

    Durability - Capable of being a high volume bulldozer from a wear and tear perspective, but he's not overly exciting in a feature role and so he's more likely regulated to power back role with most consistency. He's got booming pads and a dense frame to punish defenders in the hole.

    Balance - Contact balance is very strong thanks to his low built frame. He'll effectively drop the shoulder and fall forward when challenged in the gap by most comers because of his natural leverage and shows some good activity through the feet to spin or pivot off body blows and churn forward.

    Pass Protection - Dense and packs plenty of punch. His strike radius isn't huge and he's a bit raw with identification of responsibilities — an understandable layer considering his level of competition. He's got ample potential here as a heavy set back to stonewall LBs in interior gaps.

    Elusiveness - He's not going to shake a lot of defenders in head up scenarios and his lateral mobility is only modest. Add in poor long speed and he's going to have to force tackles to create added yardage on his runs with consistency at the next level. He'll run through soft challenges but don't expect a ton of explosive plays.

    Receiving Skills - Natural receiver, he brings a nice element in the short spaces as a check down receiver. Wouldn't anticipate a role that features him out in the slot but he ran several wheel routes up the sideline and had success catching the ball over his shoulder as well. Might be a "in case of emergency, break glass" receiving back.

    Short Yardage - Powerful frame will have a lot of success booming and challenging defenders in head up collisions. He's got the step frequency and density to run under the pads of defenders and shows good urgency to spin and twist to soft resistance and fall forward for an added yard.

    Football IQ - He's a nifty little runner that has a knack for setting up the first arriving defender. Like his patience between the tackles and he stays true to his strengths as a runner — doesn't overextend himself. Does need some incubation for the little things as a receiver and pass blocker to attempt to carve out a more prominent role.

    Effort - Tough, fearless runner that welcomes contact as needed. He's got to embrace the dirty work considering his athletic profile but he's got a puncher's chance to stick on the roster and carve himself a role. Considered a plus character individual, too — a nice added bonus. 


    Best Trait - Contact Balance

    Worst Trait - Explosion

    Best Film - Clemson (2019)

    Worst Film - Buffalo (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Benny Lemay projects as a low end rotational back at the pro level. Lemay is best with his vision between the tackles and when allowed to press and make shallow cuts to daylight. He's an effective "peek-a-boo" runner to force gap commitments before slipping into an adjacent gap — but his lack of explosiveness is a significant handcuff that will limit his effectiveness in creating explosive plays or working beyond the second level with consistency. Can be an effective short yardage runner, too. 

    Updated: 03/21/2020