Andre Dillard

OT, Washington State

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #60
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 10/03/2001
  • WT 306 lbs





    Pass Sets –  Short sets offer clean steps and good cadence to stay in rhythm with rushers and hand strikes. Has issues with anchoring due to poor hand power plus lacks hip hinge to address speed rushers without compromising feet. Strong mirror skills once engaged with rushers.

    Length/Extension –Plays with control at the end of his fingertips. That said, natural length isn't a great strength and getting into established hand fits is an adventure. Does well once hands settle in to clamp and optimize his wingspan to broaden angles for rushers looking to turn the corner.

    Balance –Functional strength restrictions pop up when trying to drop his hips and anchor against power, will lean and over-extend over his toes. Can be yanked or pulled off his base as a result. Lateral slide is more effective than when collapsed in pocket.

    Hand Technique –Woefully inconsistent with strikes, placement and effectiveness. Doesn't offer a lot of power through his hands anyway but strikes often land wide and late. Does bring a nice hammer club to drop rushers' hands down off of his chest after locking horns.

    Power at POA –Transition of power from the lower half and into push forward is limited. Doesn't possess the needed ability to reset the line of scrimmage effectively and as a result his natural athleticism and foot quickness is hindered, negating promising foundation.

    Football IQ –Three year starter. Has been exposed to numerous flashes of defenders across his face and stunts. Generally handles exchanges effectively and does well to execute his responsibilities, won't lunge or chase a twist or abandon his gap in the run game.

    Functional Athleticism –Has admirable quickness in linear situations and can spring out of his stance in the ground game. Has good weight distribution and mirror, but really only when he's established on defenders. Otherwise appears to struggle to hinge his hips and get depth or pull with pace.

    Anchor Ability –Recovery balance is present thanks to smooth feet, base sustains width. Prevents defenders from pulling him out of alignment until he concedes chest and gives up first punch. Soft anchor vs. powerful hands, struggles to win reps against accurate hands.

    Flexibility –Hip hinge limitations are present in any type of non-linear situations. Doesn't show a lot of range to set at 45 degrees. Struggles to get back foot to take extra space when tested with speed off of the edge. Does show admirable knee bend to keep pad level appropriate in sets.

    Competitive Toughness –Like his effort level. Hustles on second effort plays to peel back and pick off a rusher as his QB is on the move. Functional strength and secondary anchor efforts are poor but can be improved by re-working his skills at first contact.

    BEST TRAIT – Pass Sets

    WORST TRAIT – Power at POA

    BEST FILM – Oregon State (2018)

    WORST FILM – USC (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Andre Dillard has some attractive qualities as a Tackle prospect, but his transition to the pros will be best if he's not pressured into early play. Dillard has technical deficiencies in his hands and struggles at times with his framing of blocks vs. speed, he'll be tested greatly in those areas if he's not coached up and given the chance to improve his fundamentals. Dillard should be regarded as a developmental starter prospect who, if everything clicks, could be an effective ZBS left tackle.