Alexander Mattison

RB, Boise State

  • Conf MWC
  • Jersey #22
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB --
  • WT 214 lbs



    Vision -Liked the confidence he illustrated on inside zone runs to feel and find a crease up front. His best work came on inside zone concepts, he has the needed step frequency and body control to pace himself effectively pressing between the tackles here.   

    Feet/Change of Direction -Feet are controlled and do well to collect under his hips before he cuts again. Some of his adjustments come by coming to a dead stop and as a result he'll make himself a sitting duck for scraping defenders down the LOS. Won't create a lot of lateral displacement on hard cuts.   

    Durability -Turned into a bell-cow down the stretch as team played a string of cold-weather games. Impressive life in his legs at the end of a season in which he was given a lot of totes and took a lot of body shots. Well built with withstand the pounding. 

    Balance -Really appreciate how he's able to make a cut, juke or hurdle (he's the hurdle king, by the way) and come out still pressing forward and under control. His flashes of mobility and skill to reset his feed underneath of himself is really fun.   

    Pass Protection -His natural leverage, striking power and frame will come in handy as he tries to bring himself along in pass pro. Like his willingness to step forward and not catch rushers off the edge or in interior gaps. Offers good initial framing of his blocks. 

    Elusiveness -He's a slippery dude, not necessarily the most dynamic or explosive player but he knows how to make you miss in one on ones. He's shifty, shows good attack with his pads and it's hard not to like the extra contact he creates for himself.  

    Receiving Ability -Was used effectively as a swing and check down defender in the shallow areas of the field. His ability to confidently catch the football set him up for success in space to make the first defender miss before pressing up the field. 

    Short Yardage Skill - Really nice ability here. He's capable of dropping the pads down and running over tacklers in the hole when he needs a yard but really he's damn tough to wrap up because of body control and lower body power to play on the offensive. 

    Football Intelligence -No qualms with his fundamentals or execution, he's shown competency in a lot of areas and as a result will have a role to play, possibly as a starter down the road. He did pick on smaller competition, though, which is something to bear in mind.   

    Effort -One of the more assertive ball carriers in this year's class. He's got the goods from a physicality perspective and likes to lean on defenders and punish them in one on one situations. Has viable skills to play all three downs. 

    BEST TRAIT - Balance

    WORST TRAIT - Long Speed

    BEST FILM - Utah State (2018)

    WORST FILM - San Diego State (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Alexander Mattison is an intriguing all-around threat out of the backfield. Mattison runs with good power, terrific violence/urgency, shows some admirable vision pressing the line of scrimmage and offers some modest pass receiving skills. Mattison isn't going to be a player who wins a lot of footraces, but that isn't his game anyway. He's much more effective and dynamic between the tackles and slashing through the point of attack. Potential starting RB. 

    .Round Grade - Fourth Round