Alex Bars

IOL, Notre Dame

  • Conf FBS Independents
  • Jersey #71
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 312 lbs



    Run Blocking - Fires off the ball with intent. Hips are leveraged and roll through contact. Fits his hands and battles to displace defensive linemen out of their run fits. Has a mauler’s mentality to finish blocks.

    Pass Blocking - Has adequate foot speed but he isn’t overly nimble. Features a stout anchor and he isn’t going to give ground once he’s square. Would benefit from more patience and keeping his weight distributed correctly. Is guilty of over-extending and dropping his head on contact.

    Blocking in Space - Dynamic puller both short and long. Gets himself aligned to seal lanes. Illustrates good body control and contact balance on the move. Hands are lethal to back seven defenders in space.

    Power - Functional power is evident throughout his frame. Hands are heavy. Features a firm anchor to keep the depth of the pocket set. Plays with great leverage in the run game and executes with an edge.

    IQ - Comfortable. Aware and alert, keeping his head on a swivel. Timely responses to defensive line stunts and blitzes. Good communication is evident watching the group. Penalties have not been an issue.

    Feet - Has enough foot speed but he isn’t overly quick. Needs to keep a wider base and not allow his feet to narrow. Aggressive leg drive through contact in the run game. Takes good angles and looks comfortable on the move.

    Hands - Heavy and violent hands. Punch is efficient, well-timed and properly placed. Does a great job of finding surface area and setting the clamps. Exploits leverage points and turns bodies out of their gap.

    Balance - Appears in control of his frame but there are exceptions. Can get over-aggressive in pass protection and fold at the waist. Weight distribution can be erratic. Must be more intentional about keeping a wider base.

    Versatility - Has played both guard and tackle during his time at Notre Dame but he will exclusively play on the interior in the NFL. Multifaceted blocker capable of producing in pass pro, on the move and in the run game. Optimized in a gap/power scheme.

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Balance

    RED FLAGS - 2015 - season/ending ankle injury. 2018 - season-ending knee injury.

    Bars has suffered two season-ending injuries but his ability is evident when he’s been in the lineup. What pops about Bars’ film is how powerful he is. He blocks with a finishers mentality, executing with low pads, violent hands and aggressive leg drive. He features a stout anchor in pass protection and can be lethal on the move. With that said, Bars does have some technical items to clean up that impact his body control, particularly in pass pro but maintaining a wide base with better weight distribution. Bars has the upside to start at offensive guard in the NFL once he’s healthy.

    Round Grade - Fourth Round Value