Addison Ooms

IOL, Cal

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #57
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4''
  • DOB 10/04/1995
  • WT 305 lbs


    PROS: Thick, boxy frame is tough to get around. Has enough lateral agility to prove a decent mirror pass protector in space. Especially impressive with foot and hand discipline when dealing with inside/out moves from pass-rushers with two way goes. Only exposed around the corners when caught with heavy feet/lunging, but generally has active footwork. Flashes lateral explosiveness to execute basic zone assignments. Can fire hands quickly after delivering snap to win inside hand placement, and seems to have strong hands. Knows how to re-work hands into side/armpit when dealing with gap penetration. Understands rush plans and his own limitations well. Will break hands to reset rush rep when he's losing to power. Best pass protection reps come when he's the aggressor.

    CONS: Weight kept in the upper half and accordingly struggles to generate power from the ground, as well as drop an anchor against power. Lacks forward explosiveness when coming off the line and cannot generate displacement; most wins look like stalemates more than anything else. Cannot execute scoops, zone climbs, screens, or other space plays typically required of NFL centers, on account of poor athletic profile. Lumberer who cannot match linebackers' agility. Has stubby arms that leave him even more susceptible to the bull rush. Feel for leverage and angles surprisingly poor--takes bad approaches on down blocks, reaches, and even when helping in pass protection. Lacks awareness of space and can often be caught staring in the distance while a help opportunity passes him by. Is sucked in by potential second level blitzers and can miss first level stunts/penetration.