WVU QB Will Grier Talks Fatherhood, Heisman & Hair Evolution With Dan Patrick Show

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If you're into sports at all whatsoever, chances are you've listened to an episode or at least a segment of the Dan Patrick Show, at some point in your life. Patrick has been a radio and podcast host for years and is known as one of the best in the business for not only the guests he gets to come on his show but also the questions he asks them.

It doesn't happen too often, but this week we heard from one of most prominent players in all of college football via Patrick's show, West Virginia quarterback Will Grier.

To start off the interview, Patrick asked Grier what his agenda was for the day, and after telling Patrick he had some light workouts on the schedule, Patrick asked Grier what his bench press was.

"I don't bench," Grier said with a laugh. "I'm not a bencher. I'm not a bench guy. Maybe later in life."

Wait, Grier doesn't bench? Stock down. Doesn't he know bench press numbers directly correlate to the status of having a significant other?

But, I guess Grier doesn't really have to worry about that part being married and all. In fact, Grier spoke on what life has been like as a top college football player who is also a husband and a father.

"Honestly it's a blessing to have a healthy family, a healthy daughter," Grier said. "My wife does a great job of making sure everything's good at home and I can stay focused on football... It's a little added motivation being the provider of a family. I wake up every day and want to do everything I can to be everything I can be for them."

Speaking of being everything he can be, Grier was, of course, asked what he thought of his team's outlook on the upcoming season. He was optimistic, but didn't sound overly confident, at this time, about West Virginia, knowing they have a lot of work to put in.

"We're looking alright," Grier said. "We got some talented guys, got some experience, got some work to do, and we got to keep pushing forward, but I like this a team. I think we're a close team, got good leadership."

When it comes to quarterbacking, Grier's style is very unique. He can be frustrating one play and eye-opening the next. He's a prospect who can make plays with his arm, his legs, his eyes and his mind. Grier attributes that to a handful of quarterbacks he's modeled his game after.

"A couple different guys. When I first started playing it was when Michael Vick was playing with the Falcons," Grier said. "I was amazed at what he could do on a football field. I think he's one of the greatest talents to ever play the game. And then growing up I watched Peyton [Manning] in his prime and obviously Tom Brady's still doing what he's doing... I've seen a lot of good quarterbacks play. I don't think I tried to model my game after one in particular, but tried to take something from a couple different guy and be my own guy."

So Vick's legs, Manning's mind and Brady's mentality to win. Someone tell Bleacher Report they don't have to photoshop a bunch of awkward body parts from a bunch of different quarterbacks this year as the perfect prospect. Just use a picture of Will Grier and his renown flow -- I kid, I kid.

Speaking of, the hair is gone, and I'm not happy about it.

"I kind of just didn't cut it for a while. Was just working before the season started and didn't really have the time or cared really enough to cut it... Got into the season and everybody liked it, and it sort of became my thing, so I went with it.

"I didn't really like how it looked, to be completely honest, so after the season I was ready to cut it all off and take on a cleaner look. So I did that and feel a lot better now."

So Grier doesn't bench and he cut his hair? I'm about to take this guy off my draft board altogether.

With Grier entering his final season after a long college journey that started at Florida in 2013 and will now finish up at West Virginia, Grier's entire focus can be on football in 2018 since he graduate with his degree already.

"I graduated with an MDS degree last year," Grier said. "There's three different majors  you can get into. I did communications, journalism and psychology, so I have a minor in all three."

Journalism, huh, Will? Well, if this whole "quarterback" thing doesn't work out, we've got a spot for you at The Draft Network -- just saying.

Finally, Patrick asked Grier about the pressure he feels when he sees his name near the top of the preseason Heisman lists or at the top of mock drafts for next year's NFL Draft.

"That's obviously a great honor... but those things will take care of themselves if I do my job for this team. I put my focus and my attention into making this team as best as it can be and winning games for West Virginia."

As for whether or not he's practice his Heisman pose, Grier said he hasn't yet, and won't until it's his.

"Not unless I win it."

You can watch and listen to the full interview below.

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