Which WR Has The Best Hands NFL Draft 2020?

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The NFL is one of just a few sports with some type of event scheduled in the coming weeks. As such, conversations regarding the 2020 NFL Draft keep many entertained.

One was recently sparked by NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, who asked and answered which wide receiver has the best hands in this draft class.

But James Proche isn’t the only receiver deserving this praise. There's more than just one wideout who has incredibly reliable hands. 

James Proche, SMU

Proche has been producing since his redshirt freshman year. In four seasons as a contributor, Proche has never recorded less than 700 yards receiving. In his final two seasons, he went over the 1,000-yard mark twice recording 1,199 and 1,225 yards, respectively. What's even more impressive than his yardage is his number of receptions. Proche had 93 catches as a junior in 2018 and then took his reliability to another level with 111 in 2019. With north of 125 targets, Proche was only responsible for just three drops.

He also has the film to match his impressively low-drop rate. Those catches aren't just quick easy passes to pad the stats. Proche isn't rattled by contact or chaos when reeling the ball in. His ball skills are top tier.

If the ball gets within his catch radius, it's almost always his. He's as reliable as they come.

Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon State

In the often-overlooked Pac-12, there was a football magnet at Oregon State: Isaiah Hodgins.

He's an acrobat for catches no matter where he is on the field. Hodgins is comfortable and reliable bringing down passes at the chest, at full extension, over the shoulder, over the middle and anywhere near the sideline. On top of that, Hodgins has the body control and the footwork to extend his catch radius as far as his frame allows.

Hodgins went off for career highs in catches (86), yards (1,171) and touchdowns (13). According to Pro Football Focus, Hodgins had only one drop in 100-plus targets.

If you need a sure-handed receiver to fill out your depth chart (and potentially develop into more), Hodgins fits the bill.

Hasise Dubois, Virginia

Hasise Dubois recorded his first 1,000-yard season in his final year at Virginia. His 1,06-yard season was almost doubling his previous career-high the year before (578). He finished his four-year career with 151 catches for 1,859 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Dubois saved his best for last recording 352 receiving yards and three touchdowns on 24 catches in his final three games.

In that last game of the season, the Orange Bowl against Florida, Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall said his game plan was pretty straight forward especially in the second quarter when Florida tied the game.

“You know, on the headset there's basically just one thing that was being said, throw it to Has, throw it to Has, throw it to Has, throw it to Has,” Mendenhall said at the time. “He didn't look open, but to us he's open. So, the 50/50 or 80/20 balls or 85/15 balls that these two — it didn't surprise any of us. It just seems like when there's a contested throw, Hasise comes down with it, and especially what we call the blue zone is where he thrives. But you saw plenty of other catches.”

Turning 50/50 passes into 85/15 passes is impressive, but what's even more impressive is Mendenhall's praise might not have even done Dubois justice. With 75 catches on the season, Dubois did not have a single drop on his catching record. Dubois, according to Pro Football Focus, was the only receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft class with more than 100 targets and zero drops.

It doesn't get much better than perfect.

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