USC LB Porter Gustin Has An Insane Marvel Superhero Diet

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If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've seen a Marvel movie or two over the last ten years. And if you have, in fact, seen one, there's also a good chance that you looked at one of the main characters in said movie and thought, "damn, I wish I looked like that."

If you're like me, that thought and aesthetic desire has led to actions such as Googling "Chris Hemsworth Thor workout plan" -- Thor is always my go-to as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed male.

Usually what I find are unreal body transformation plans that involve multiple types of workout routines and crazy meal prep strategies. Instead of inspiring me, they usually lead me to think, "who in the world has the time or discipline for this?"

Porter Gustin does.

According to a recent interview by Sports Illustrated, the 6-foot-5, 265-pound senior pass rusher at USC has been eating like a pro since elementary school. Apparently Gustin currently operates under a diet that has him eating 10,000 calories in the form of six or seven blended liquid meals throughout the day. This man is literally Ivan Drago from the Rocky movies.

Gustin’s eating habits make him one of college football’s more unusual rising stars. He blends 90% of his meals, and his reasons are simple: quick consumption and easy digestion. After all, he has no time to eat in bites. Food isn’t a luxury for Porter, his father John says, it is fuel. Gustin has been this way since he was in eighth grade, a scrawny kid who played football with bigger, older boys who used to refer to him as a “lightning rod” because of his slight frame.

As for what goes into those blended meals, it's about as gross of a combination as you'd think for a man who references food as fuel.

Gustin’s most common blended meal includes chicken, sweet potato, brown rice, broccoli, spinach, a splash of water and a full bottle of Muscle Milk. He sometimes throws in salmon—that’s when the smell is strongest. “It just tastes awful,” he laughs. “The fish are the worst.”

Salmon and Muscle Milk? Yeah, it's a no from me. But, I guess if you look like Gustin does, and that's what you're going for, more power to you.

According to the rest of the interview, Gustin hasn't had sweets since he was a kid. When he was in high school, his dad tells a story of when Gustin and his high school team were on a trip, they pooled together $500 dollars of cash for Gustin to just eat a dessert and he wouldn't do it.

Imagine, getting paid to eat dessert -- and saying no.

Gustin was poised for a big year last year before a freak accident where stubbing his toe in the worst way resulted in two screws having to be surgically implanted into his foot.

Now, with a healed toe and many blended meals down, Gustin is ready to make his final year at USC his most healthy and productive season yet before his jump to the NFL.

He might not be quite the size of The Hulk, as you've seen on the big screen, but this modern day Marvel is looking to be the superhero of USC's pass rush in 2018.

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