Brotherly Love: A Stefon And Trevon Diggs Story

Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

INDIANAPOLIS — Diggs is a last name that is very popular throughout Maryland. It started at Our Lady Of Good Counsel, a high school widely known for its talent and program success. From there, Maryland. Finally, the Minnesota Vikings. 

We know him as Stefon Diggs.

With another in Mar'Sean, who played at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Diggs moniker was well documented throughout the country. The pipeline to college football didn't stop there though.

The youngest of three, Trevon Diggs, had plenty of coaching to help during his upbringing. After seeing two examples prior to his Alabama career, the road was now paved for the little brother to finished the trio.

Coming into Alabama, Trevon Diggs faced a lot of adversity. He started his career as a wide receiver and was faced with many challenges. The Crimson Tide coaching staff felt he would best serve as a cornerback, but making the transition there was no easy task.

In his Friday media session at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, Diggs mentioned that he “came in as an athlete” and coach Nick Saban said he would “be a really good corner.” 

“He gave me the technique and I ran with it,” Trevon Diggs noted.

Trevon Diggs also battled injuries in the midst of a position switch but still stayed positive.

"It helped me a lot,” he said. “I can tell what the receiver’s doing by where he’s lined up. I know the whole route tree. I know how many steps it takes to get into a route. I know what foot they put up when they try to run their routes. There’s little things I know that I can pick up on quicker."

The three brothers’ father, Aron, passed away in 2008 after heart failure. It brought the Diggs’ bond to an unbreakable level.

While Trevon Diggs’ football career in the SEC was highly successful, it's his personal relationship with his older brother Stefon that stole the hearts of many that were standing in front podium listening to him talk glowingly about his older brother. "He’s like my dad, honestly,” Trevon Diggs said. “He was there for me when my father passed, so he has always taken care of me. I always ask him everything, no matter what. Two o’clock in the morning, I’m asking him questions. I called him last night, every day, about this process and how he managed it."

There's plenty to like about Diggs, but it's no secret that he has some things to clean up. In a quick snapshot of his scouting report, I stated that:

Length and fluidity are by far his best assets. Possessing an elongated wingspan and reach, he’s able to use it to his advantage by delaying releases off of the line of scrimmage. Wideouts struggled mightily with swatting his hands away cleanly as he’s very aggressive with getting his hands in the opposition. His length also shows up during the route process as he’s able to clog throwing windows. His change of direction and ability to get in-and-out of phase are well above average. When tested on vertical routes, that is where his loose hips shine as he’s able to easily turn and run while properly executing the requisite time needed with exiting his backpedal.
The game against LSU (2019) sheds a lot of light on the amount of impatience that he shows at the line. Against well-seasoned route runners, his aggressive hand techniques can result in him lunging as they’re able to quickly avoid the feisty hands that he attempts to employ. If his hands aren’t effective, he can struggle with playing catch up and repositioning his body to reappear in throwing lanes. There are some snaps of where he’s asked to zone turn or keep his back to the sideline.
Cover 3 isn’t an area where he showed a great deal of comfort in, but his zone awareness is lacking too. Taking the bait and falling for deeper routes that aren’t even in his zone are recurring, while also allowing too much room for underneath routes as well. Finding a fine line of knowing how much cushion to allow plus down-and-distance awareness will be an area that needs to be refined.

Trevon Diggs is assured to experience plenty of ups and downs during the pre-draft just as his brothers experienced. From his father's legacy to making his brother proud, he has plenty to play for and there are already lots of teams that will have an eye on his going forward. Already stating that he's met with the Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Indianapolis Colts, it's easy to see why NFL teams are taking a liking to him and his future on the next level.