This Week In Scouting: Film Re-Checks

A natural part of any cycle of writing scouting reports is making sure you take the time to stop and smell the roses. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. But if you substitute “smell” for “recheck” and “roses” for “the tape”, then we might be onto something.

I have conducted approximately 200 film assessments for the 2019 NFL Draft. At this point, it’s going to be pretty smooth sailing. Only a handful of players this deep into the pool are going to surprise you and score top grades.

And with my top-200 big board due in the very near future, I felt it necessary to take a day away from grinding the tape on new players and instead look back at some of the ones I have the biggest disparity with relative to my peers. That includes folks within The Draft Network and also some of my colleagues outside of our own social circle.

In doing so, I’ve made some adjustments to some players. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in five years of working in the industry is that you can’t be stubborn and refuse to believe you may not have missed something the first time through.

So who had their grades adjusted? And did they move up or down the board? These are the questions I’ll be answering this week in This Week In Scouting.

Stock Up: Texas DL Charles Omenihu

My first pass through Omenihu yielded the impression I still hold: Charles is a heavy hitter with prototypical size, but I don’t think he’s an especially bursty athlete. But in watching on the second pass, Charles did a better job of using those tools to navigate the backfield.

Charles didn’t flash at the Senior Bowl, but I didn’t think he did anything to knock down his stock either. He has the teams that NFL teams value: length, power, and reset ability. He won’t win from wide-9 alignments, but that’s fine. I grew a greater appreciation from where he does win in the second pass through.

Stock Down: Kentucky RB Benny Snell

I still like Snell and have a Day 2 grade on him. But as I’ve watched more and more of this year’s running back class, I no longer think Snell is one of the best handful of options. Furthermore, in watching guys like Joshua Jacobs and Elijah Holyfield, it’s further amplified that Snell’s physical skill set is pretty pedestrian.

Like I said, I still like Snell. But his value has been tempered now that I have better perspective on his athletic tools relative to the rest of the class.

Stock Up: Massachusetts WR Andy Isabella

I watched Isabella pretty early in the process and while I liked him, I think I boxed myself in on his size as a big issue. And while sure, I haven’t changed my mind that Isabella isn’t going to be winning routes on the boundary vs. press coverage, I’ve gained more confidence in where he wins.

Isabella will tear teams apart in the slot and that production shouldn’t be minimized just because it isn’t coming outside. Isabella received a healthy bump from me.

Stock Down: Michigan TE Zach Gentry

Gentry, like Benny Snell, is a player that I still like. As a matter of fact, I still prefer Gentry and his size/catch radius to Kaden Smith (Stanford) in the same type of role. I think Gentry is a better athlete than Smith.

But I initially held Gentry in regard as a potential top-100 prospect. That isn’t the case and especially when you compare and contrast his game to some of the other TEs in a loaded class. Like Isabella and Omenihu, I watched Gentry early in the process so viewing more players has helped provide clarity on the value he can provide.

To be clear: I’m not adjusting his grade because there are a lot of players above Gentry, I’m adjusting his grade because I’m not as high on what he can and can’t do thanks to more context from additional players being graded.

Stock Up: North Carolina State iOL Garrett Bradbury

Eat your heart out, Joe Marino. Joe (and Jon) have been super high on Bradbury and while I still don’t hold him as highly as those two, he’s on the up.

Bradbury will be a scheme specific player, but his lateral range in reach blocks is pretty phenomenal. The first pass through the film I found myself pretty wrapped up in his functional strength and the questions I had in that light.

Did I count it twice when grading his tape? Probably. I’m glad I took some time before coming back to his tape too hastily, as it provided a lot of great clarity on just how good Bradbury is at what he’s best at.

Stock Down: Boston College DL Zach Allen

Man, I put this off for about a month after the Senior Bowl in an effort to try to avoid recency bias and over-correcting for a guy I initially handed out a 2nd-round value to on tape.

The extra time away did not help. Allen really is a tweener and his issues that were amplified at the Senior Bowl? I saw a lot of them on the second pass through the tape, too.

So while I like Allen, he’s no longer a top-60 player for me. He’ll be closer to top-100. I still like what he can do against the run, but some questionable value as a pass rusher has me skeptical.

Written By:

Kyle Crabbs

Director of Content

Director of Content & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Former NDT Scouting Overlord.