The Cut Up Ep. 02: Does Length Matter With Jonah Williams?

Now that All-22 film is beginning to become available for the 2019 NFL Draft class, I'm introducing my weekly video series: The Cut Up.

While pulling GIFs and typing out descriptions more than does the job, having the opportunity to sit down and run through film with a telestrator and a clicker allows viewers to gain a deeper insight into the play in question. For example: Oregon QB Justin Herbert's mechanic flaws are a lot easier to suss out when slow motion and rewind capabilities are available.

Alabama OT Jonah Williams is the topic of today's episode. If you follow the draft, you know that tackles are always measured against a floor of requisite arm length to play outside in the NFL. But how much are those benchmarks still needed to evaluate OL play? Does the dearth of offensive tackle talent in the NFL dictate that teams become more lenient with their approach?

Jonah Williams has some technical hand usage concerns, as we can evidence on the film above. If you work on those issues -- instead of wishing his arms magically grow two inches -- you can mitigate the length concerns and draft yourself a starting offensive tackle.

To see those technical issues and talk about what you'd like to see instead, check out the second episode of The Cut Up.

Written By:

Benjamin Solak

NFL Draft Analyst

NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Deputy Editor of Bleeding Green Nation. Undergrad at UChicago.