TDN's Final Predictive Top-100 Board

Photo: © Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, our friends at The Huddle Report host several competitions designed for Draft outlets to prove their mettle. One such competition is the scoring of a predictive top-100 board and although this is The Draft Network's first go -- we started together in August of 2018 -- we are excited to enter the competition and see where we fall amongst our colleagues in the industry.

To be clear, the final predictive Top-100 is not designed to correctly rank the players in the order they come off the board, it is simply how many correct matches you get between your top-100 list and the first 100 names called -- order off the board is not taken into account.

So, without further delay, here is The Draft Network's best guess at who the top 100 names off the board this weekend will be.