TDN Mailbag: Amari Cooper, 2019 QB Class And More

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Dan Marino, Seneca Wallace, Jeff Blake or Colt McCoy, who do you take in their prime? Man, tough questions on this week's TDN Mailbag. I sweated it out, not gonna lie.

In addition to the brutal quarterback questions, I also tackled the Malik Rosier-N'Kosi Perry debate, whether I'd give up an early second for Amari Cooper, prospects I'm lower on than most, whether most NFL coaches should be fired and a whole lot more

Tough one. Athletically I'd lean Wallace, but grit/toughness/moxie go to Colt McCoy. Both of them tie for best name, although "Colt" is the better name for a quarterback. Blake was bad, he'd be the last choice.

Dan Marino threw 252 interceptions in his career. You know who didn't do that? Colt McCoy or Seneca Wallace. Really makes you think.

I would have stuck with Perry and let him grow into the role, but ultimately I'm not sure it matters. Miami isn't good, but they are talented enough to beat the rest of the teams on their schedule in a very weak year for the ACC. Rosier clearly isn't a desirable starter, but Perry was pretty rough when he was in there as well. Any given week, one is probably as likely to doom you as the other, the downside with Rosier is that you already know the limitations.

Half seems like a little much, but most aren't good, yes. The troubling part is that there are plenty of excellent candidates out there, but the "good ole boys" club of the NFL keeps recycling the top jobs among the same coaches, not allowing some of the newer faces to emerge. It's a disaster for teams with young quarterbacks especially, but there have been some signs the trends are shifting slightly.

Kind of a broad question, but I'm going to tackle it anyway. I'm not as good a cornerback evaluator as I am defensive and offensive line play, but I've picked up a few things over the years from people smarter than me.

1. Don't open too early in press. Be patient, read the release and know from film study/FBIQ what routes could be coming depending on the receivers split/alignment. Use your backside hand to slow them off the line when they do release, allowing you to open smoothly with them.

2. Body control is more important than being an amazing athlete

3. You don't always have to turn and play the football, especially in close quarters passes over your head, like goal-to-go situations. A lot of the time the ball isn't in the air long enough to make a play on it on some of these end zone fades. Let the receiver's eyes take you to the ball and play through the pocket.

4. Tackle. Get in the mix as often as possible. The average fan severely underestimates how important good tackling corners are to a run defense. It's one of the main reasons why teams aren't successful running outside on Alabama when trying to avoid that amazing defensive line over the years.

5. If you don't talk trash playing corners, you're missing out on one of the best parts of playing the position.

It'll be disastrous for teams like Denver, Oakland and the New York Giants. It's likely that at least one team will reach for a quarterback in the first round, but we really could see an E.J. Manuel/Geno Smith effect where teams bypass quarterbacks in the top 10, the only time it has happened since 2000.

Drew Lock would be one of the first quarterbacks off the board, but Duke's Daniel Jones (if he declares) and WVU's Will Grier would probably be close behind. I really don't think the NFL will care for Jarrett Stidham much, but he'd probably land in day two in this scenario. I haven't seen enough of Stick to really say, but the quarterback people I trust tell me he's a non-factor in the class.

Burns is the worst by far. I still have some hope the other three can be competent starters, but I thought all four players were overdrafted by at least one round. In Burns and Apple's case, I'd have taken them in the third at best.

I think Apple and Lee have been solid this season, so we'll see if things keep trending that way. Floyd isn't a bad player, just never had the skill set to be drafted as high as he was. All three of those guys (if Apple's head is on straight) and day 2 caliber type of starters, but certainly not the impact players their teams hoped they would be when they drafted them.

Yes, but not because Darrell Henderson is an every-down running back in the NFL. I didn't see that in my preliminary viewings of his tape, but I did see a player with explosive space ability and for real long speed. He's fun and has a great feel in the open field. Some guys who are great athletes just don't have that same feel for space. He's averaging 17 yards per catch. For a running back. Sheesh. Weapons like him don't get out of the top 100, usually.

Players that I am down on compared to most (I don't dislike them necessarily, just have them lower than I've seen most places):

Jarrett Stidham, Ryan Finley, Derrick Brown, Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, Josh Allen (he's growing on me), N'Keal Harry, David Montgomery and Marquise Brown.

I think a high second round pick. Cooper is certainly talented enough to outplay whatever receiver you take there, but he has trouble finishing in contested spots and drops WAY too many passes. Ordinarily I'd live with the drops, but his production has fallen off so dramatically (not all his fault) and he leaves a lot of plays on the field. Also, if he doesn't love the game as has been reported, that would concern me giving up a high-end asset like that.

Written By:

Jon Ledyard

Former Senior NFL Draft Analyst