TDN Announces Premium Offering, Launch Features Exclusive Experience

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Jan. 20, 2020 — Draft Network LLC is proud to announce a new development to the user experience for fans of Football’s 33rd Front Office: TDN Premium. 

The launch of TDN Premium is effective immediately and will provide users with an alternative, upgraded experience to allow for enhanced consumption of NFL draft and football-related content as well as the ability to form a home base for the pre-draft process. Listed below are the core features of TDN Premium which will is now available to all users for a monthly price of $9.99 or an annual price of $29.99. 

Mock Draft Machine Trades

The TDN Mock Draft Machine is receiving a well-deserved upgrade. TDN Premium members, otherwise known as “TDN Premium Experts,” will be able to navigate upward and downward in a mock draft scenario by offering trade proposals to AI-controlled teams using the collection of draft picks available for this year’s current draft — e.g. the Miami Dolphins can use two of their late first-round picks to move back into the top 10 of the draft order. Each draft pick has an assigned numerical value. The closer the two sides of a trade offer are in their overall numerical values, the more likely the transaction will be completed. TDN Premium Experts will also be able to pause the live draft if more time is needed to make a decision. 

Team Specific Draft Guides

A large part of the TDN Premium experience will be the exclusive access to a variety of expert content, including the addition of team-specific draft guides. TDN Premium Experts will be able to examine the “draft DNA” of their favorite teams in order to more accurately predict the results of the upcoming NFL draft. TDN Premium Experts will be able to see an analysis of their team’s current general manager and their draft and career history to display themes and patterns in draft philosophies and behaviors. They will be able to see breakdowns of the current roster, positions to be addressed and much more. 

Additionally, TDN Premium Experts will gain access to comprehensive draft guides such as Kyle Crabbs’ Draft Prospectus, Benjamin Solak’s Contextualized Quarterbacking and other pieces of extensive coverage regarding this year’s class of NFL draft prospects. 

Ad-Free Experience

TDN Premium Experts will no longer have to worry about annoying pop-up ads, web banners or pre-roll advertisements on videos or the TDN Mock Draft Machine. By upgrading to a TDN Premium account, users can now bypass those ads to enjoy a completely hindrance free experience, allowing for more time to consume draft content or build out mock draft scenarios in the Mock Draft Machine. 

TDN Expert Forum

Upon signing up for or upgrading to a TDN Premium membership, users will receive exclusive access to the TDN Expert Forum, which will allow them to access any and all of our TDN draft analysts in order to ask questions, grow their football knowledge and directly participate as a part of Football’s 33rd Front Office. Users will be able to share mock draft results, get feedback on all kinds of draft related topics or ideas and communicate with one another in a medium free of social media bias or groupthink. 

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