Studs & Duds - The Best And Worst TDN Staff Takes

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Hey Kyle, how do you plan on writing about the studs and duds of each week now that we're in the offseason?

- Everyone, probably

You know, that's a great question and I'm really glad you asked. This is one of those times during the week that I get to flex my creative muscles and I'm really looking forward to the end result. This week on Studs & Duds, I'll be overviewing some of the hot takes from my colleagues here at The Draft Network from the past seven days.

The fun part? Joe, Jon, Trevor, Brad and Ben don't know that I've been planning on doing this, so I've been able to accumulate some fun ammo for the column.

Everyone gets one of each: a stud take and a dud take. Let the games begin!

Joe Marino

STUD TAKE: "...I can see Chris Lindstrom coming off the board in pick No. 20-50 range and providing his team an immediate starter..."

Lindstrom will be a top 20 player for me in this year's class: I currently have 21 first round grades assigned (potential for only 1-2 more) and Lindstrom is comfortably one of them. Trust me, as a Miami Dolphins fan, I've watched the interior offensive line derail entire offensive game plans.

Interior pressure is the most effective way to disrupt both the run and the pass and Lindstrom is a pretty scheme diverse player who could upgrade a lot of units.

DUD TAKE: "...(Devin White) struggles to get off blocks and is often stuck in traffic, which is exacerbated by his below average processing skills."

Sir, these are fighting words. I've done my full on film assessment of White and I personally feel he's taken a lot of positive strides in his game. And no this class bangs down into gaps and then finishes challenges better than Devin White.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a scheduled call with Joe to hash out our differences before we break up and cancel Draft Dudes.

Jon Ledyard

STUD TAKE: "Kaden Smith is overrated"

Yeah. I took a look at Kaden's film a few weeks ago and after seeing the Washington State and Oregon games in-season, my expectations were pretty high. Instead, I found myself concerned with his athletic ability and how well he can hold up at the line of scrimmage.

My impression of Smith is that he's what TE Mike Gesicki would be if Mike didn't have unbelievable (and non-functional) athleticism. I currently carry a RD5 grade on Smith, given he can hit the seam and gouge you if you're not attentive to him on defense.

DUD TAKE: "N'Keal Harry is overrated"

Look, I get it. Harry isn't a universal prospect but I do think he brings better athleticism to the table than he's given credit for and I can't wait to see what his athletic testing looks like. Is he ever going to be a burner? No. But I do think there's room for growth in Harry's game in a lot of different areas and I can't talk myself out of buying into his ceiling as a player.

Trevor Sikkema

STUD TAKE: Don't forget about Rodney Anderson

Things that are it: this take. I originally did my film assessment of Rodney and came away disappointed...I gave him a Day 2 grade and felt there was some Jay Ajayi to his game. But he was talked about as RB1, so it felt like he came up short. Now? Rodney has been pushed down in this year's RB crop in the public eye.

It's reasonable enough, considering he's had a lot of injuries and there are a lot of fascinating RBs in the class. But Rodney has an impressive blend of mobility, size and burst...he shouldn't be allowed to fall through the cracks because of the 2018 injury.

DUD TAKE: Washington trades to #3 overall and drafts Kyler Murray

While completely mortgaging the short term future of a roster than needs quite a bit of help for an undersized passer would be quite the Dan Snyder move, I can't buy this.

Here's why: the Kyler Murray indecision is coming to a head and the longer it goes, the more put off teams are likely to be regarding his non-committal to pro football. I want to like Kyler, he's an explosive talent with a terrific arm. But can I trust Kyler? I don't really know...if you want to play football, shouldn't you have committed to playing football by now?

Ben Solak

STUD TAKE: Devine Ozigbo is a gross Combine snub.

"The most egregious snub on my list is Ozigbo." Spot on. Like Ben, I currently have Ozigbo floating around a Day 2 grade, he's got exciting lateral agility and feet for his size.

For him to not be on the Combine list this season is...egregious. I was stunned when someone passed along that news. Yet here we are, eagerly looking forward to Devine's Pro Day so he can show what he's got.

DUD TAKE:  "I'll take Rapp's high floor and defined role (in RD2) over Adderley (in RD1)..."

Worst take of the week honors go to you, Mr. Solak. Adderley is a free safety, and a really good one. I think his route recognition skills and range are phenomenal.

For anyone to desire Rapp's stiff hips and linear athleticism (is he a LB?) over him is a confusing stance for me to digest.

Brad Kelly

STUD TAKE: Alabama's Christian Miller as a Top-50 talent

Yes! Listen, I get medicals are going to be a big piece of the puzzle for Miller, but this guy has some really thrilling reps on tape. Medicals were huge for Rutgers' Kemoko Turay last year too, who had similar burst and bend.

At the end of the day, Turay went 52nd overall to the Colts last year. Miller has all those things you can't teach and for that reason I think the league will hold him in high regard, even with the medicals.

DUD TAKE: "I'd take (Lakers forward Kyle) Kuzma over (76ers point guard Ben) Simmons"

*Insert eye-roll GIF of your choice here.*

I, for one, am absolutely stunned that a Boston Celtics fan can't be objective about a Philadelphia 76er.

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