Studs & Duds - The Best And Worst Of NFL Youngers In Training Camp

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We've graduated from the NFL's dead season and officially segued into #ConfirmationBias season. Take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt these days -- because everyone is going to see what they want to see. They'll tell you all about it, too. So just tread carefully out there, yeah?

Well...except for here. We'd never lie to you. Not even once.

Which is why this week's edition of Studs & Duds is dedicated to the best and worst of NFL youngsters across NFL training camps everywhere -- who is shining and who is -- ah...not shining. Or better yet, which confirmation biases we've seen over the last few days stink the most. Because we've got some doozies, my friends.

Welcome to this week's party.

STUD - The Dolphins are using Christian Wilkins as a fullback, too

Inject this directly into my veins. If the NFL doesn't have the equivalent of the Piesman Trophy, we need to go ahead and get that lined up right now -- I've never rooted for anything harder in my life than I'm rooting for a Christian Wilkins rushing touchdown in 2019. This wouldn't be the first time Wilkins touched the football, either. He logged 3 carries for 3 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns as a senior for the Tigers on their way to the 2018-2019 National Championship.

Credit where credit is due here for the Dolphins -- get creative with your players. Take advantage of their unique qualities and make the most out of every single individual.

DUD - Ragging on Daniel Jones for a throwaway

I still occasionally get harassed by Giants fans for simply pointing out that a montage of 3 yard passes in the flat is kind of dumb. But the latest wave of criticism for Jones is even more dumb. The play in question is clearly a throwaway -- Jones deliberately tosses the ball over the head of his target because of how late his receiver is getting out into his route.

Let's be honest here. This route is dead on arrival. And Jones actually does the smart thing and avoids putting his target in the hospital with a bad ball -- there's nothing to make fun of here.

STUD - Greedy Williams' first few days on the job

Williams better save some interceptions for the rest of the Browns defense and quit being so...wait for it...


(I'll be here all week.) I've seen at least two interceptions from Williams already -- one of which was an excellent read in zone coverage and illustrated Williams' coverage anticipation and ball skills.

What a great read this is from Williams in space to drop off and feel the route developing behind him! We still need to see Greedy provide some interest (honestly I'd settle for any interest at all) in tackling and run support -- but this is what Williams can bring you from a pass coverage perspective. There's some really exciting potential here in Cleveland between he and Denzel Ward.

DUD - Greg Little

That's it. That's the tweet.

But seriously, Carolina's would-be Left Tackle was noted by your truly in college for having issues in pass protection. I'd say going against Brian Burns in one on ones has accentuated that issue.

I had quite a few people tweet at me to shout out #DraftDudes alumni and Kyle Crabbs brand prospect Brian Burns for this play -- but Brian didn't even hit Little with the exotic stuff. This is just poor weight distribution and punch timing. And I honestly can't imagine how Greg is going to get a lot better in these areas as he's baptized by fire in 2019.

STUD - Kyler Murray's ball placement

Murray was a player who I regarded coming out of Oklahoma as having more consistency with his "general" accuracy vs. consistently having pinpoint accuracy. His completion percentage was aided by a lot of quick hitting targets and Oklahoma's spread offense -- when you got Murray off his spot or forced him to reset in the pocket, there were times when he'd struggle to hit guys on the body.

But every now and again he'd give you one of these, too.

What. How did he...shouldn't that have been...what in the...

#Dime. This hasn't been Murray's only dagger of training camp so far, either -- he put one up for grabs to Larry Fitzgerald up the right sideline for a gorgeous completion, too. I still don't know what to think of this science experiment in Arizona, but Cardinals fans have to be excited with what Murray has shown thus far.

DUD - Browns' DL Chad Thomas flipping off a fan at practice

Thomas isn't a rookie in 2019, but he might as well be -- considering how little of an impact he had as a rookie after the Browns made him the 67th overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Thomas had an outburst this weekend, getting into a fight with teammate Pharaoh Brown -- and the whole team ran gassers as a result.

In the aftermath, a fan in the stands at Browns camp heckled Thomas to "hustle", to which Thomas responded by flipping off the fan.

Chad. My guy. Let me tell you something -- the Browns did you a solid by drafting you about four rounds too early (I graded Thomas as my 206th player and the 21st rated EDGE Defender in 2018). And after playing 22 snaps as a rookie behind the likes of Chris Smith and Anthony Zettel, we should probably check ourselves and stop giving the Browns organization more reasons to inspect how little value you've brought to the franchise in the first 15 months vs. this kind of B.S.

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