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Remember that time last month where I kept a running list of the best and worst #takes from my TDN co-workers for one of my weekly Studs & Duds columns? Good times. But I also promised that I'd be back to do the same before the 2019 NFL Draft. Now feels like as good a time as any -- the 2019 NFL Draft is just a week and a half away.

With our group finalizing their positional rankings for the 2019 NFL Draft, I've been given plenty of ammunition to gear up and tell you all where my co-workers are right. And more importantly where they're wrong.

Stud Take: "Michael Deiter is a stud" - Joe Marino

That is correct, Joe. He certainly is. With over 10 starts at guard, center AND tackle, Deiter is the Swiss army knife you didn't know you needed in this year's class. He won't play all. But between guard and center and gap/power and zone concepts, Deiter has got the goods.

He is Joe's iOL4, just like yours truly.

Dud Take: Ben Burr-Kirven is LB5 - Ben Solak

This ain't it, Ben. Burr-Kirven is a fun player, for what he is. And I have great appreciation for how bad this year's linebacker class is, in general. Trust me, I watched 36 of them. The top four are stone cold locks -- Devin White, Devin Bush, Mack Wilson and Blake Cashman.

After that, it's kind of pick your poison. Ben just picked wrong. Burr-Kirven can play, there's no question. But his ceiling is...what, exactly? He's the 2019 version of Ben Heeney, in my eyes. Heeney made a little bit of noise with the Raiders in 2015 as a rookie drafted in the 5th round. That's where I'd target and covet Burr-Kirven.

Stud Take: Stanley Morgan Jr. is the best route runner in 2019 - Brad Kelly

DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?! I've been on the Morgan train since the summer time when I did my first pass through Big Ten tape. I'm still on the wagon and we've got friends this time through.

Morgan's greatest career accomplishment at Nebraska? Making Tanner Lee look draftable (although Lee really didn't anyway but I guess that's beside the point).

Dud Take: Jachai Polite going top 60 - Trevor Sikkema

To be fair to Trevor, this was for a Colts 7-round mock draft and Trevor literally said "I have no idea where Polite ends up getting drafted, but if it's in range of a Colts pick, they should seriously consider."

WIth that out of the way, no one cares about context. Jachai's ceiling is...impressive. His red flags are...extensive. I would be stunned to see a team gloss over so many hurdles to favor the tape...and you know it's bad when a statement like this comes from the Grinder of Tape himself.

Stud Take: Darrell Henderson is a top-2 RB in 2019 - Ben Solak

Bran, my sweet child. You nearly made up for that awful BBK take and all that creepy camera time you spent sitting in your chair in Winterfell last night. All you had to do was place Henderson at RB1. But you know what? Beggars can't be choosers, so I'm glad you're on the winning side of this fight.

Henderson is dynamic, creative and should be a booming success in the pros with his field vision. This class of runners is deep but not top heavy, which is why I feel Henderson's ceiling sets him apart.

Dud Take: More Taysom Hills - Joe Marino

Joseph you fool! Do you not realize what you've done?! The "creativity" it requires to take the ball out of the hands of one of the best quarterbacks of all-time isn't something that should be applauded, damn it. And to assert that this "role" in an offense is primed to thrive with the likes of athletes with sub-par arms like Trace McSorley and Eric Dungey isn't something I'm going to just let happen without stamping my feet about it.

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