SEC Saturday: Georgia's Latest Choke Job An All-Timer

Photo: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

At this rate, Georgia fans are gonna be able to write a book of sports tragedies, as this game alone offered material for several chapters. From the fake punt, to the three straight runs right after Tua's second pick of the game, to a missed field goal, to allowing the clock to run out with 1 min left in the first half, three timeouts and a 1st-and-10 at your own 20, this was a coaching disaster of epic proportions.

We'll keep it to scouting in here however, as Georgia fans need a few positives to focus on after that punch to the stomach. The committee will have an interesting decision to make, as Georgia is clearly one of the four best teams in the country, but keeping Notre Dame or Oklahoma out doesn't seem fair either. Almost like they need to expand to eight teams...

Riley Ridley needs the NFL

When Georgia opens up the offense, this guy eats. Riley Ridley made so many great plays Saturday night, including a toe-tap sideline grab with a defender contesting the ball over his shoulder and an unbelievable nine route grab over his shoulder while getting his foot down in bounds for six. Ridley consistently uses his body well in the air, runs great routes and is quick and physical off the line of scrimmage. He's rarely given the opportunity to make much happen after the catch, but when he square up with the secondary he's elusive and tough to bring down.

He needs an NFL pass-heavy offense to unlock the production that will give him the respect he deserves. I think he can be a first round pick if he declares in the next several weeks.

Quinnen Williams stays dominant

Eight tackles around the line of scrimmage, two for loss and a sack. Just another day at the office for Quinnen Williams. He's been dominant in every game this season. Will he declare as a redshirt sophomore? I'll be shocked if he doesn't. He's a lock top 10 pick.

Jonah Williams...struggles?

Jonah Williams wasn't bad by any means, but he gave up inside pressure a couple of times, and got away with a hold at least once. D'Andre Walker gave him all he could handle when the two were matched up, and even Jonathan Ledbetter knocked him back with a power rush that forced Williams to step on Tua Tagovailoa's ankle, knocking him out of the game. He's had better days for sure.

D'Andre Walker - Stock Up!

Two tackles-for-loss, a sack, consistent pressure...what a game from D'Andre Walker! It's been a mostly disappointing season for the senior, but man was he good on the biggest stage. He'll absolutely play in the NFL and will likely be a top 100 pick, but how Walker tests will be so important to determining what kind of upside he has.

Quick Hits

-Can't believe J.R. Reed's interception in the second half. Yes, it wasn't a good throw by Tua, but Reed hasn't shown ball skills or instincts like that in any game of his I've ever scouted. Crazy good play.

-Four catches for 81 yards for Isaac Nauta, and boy did he show off the speed on his 55-yard grab in the second half. He is a good athlete who can make plays after the catch, has reliable hands and is extremely physical. Don't know if he'll declare, but I bet he'd ascend to a top 100 pick if he did.

-Is Joshua Jacobs the best back on Alabama's roster? I know I like him more than Najee Harris, but I think he might be better than Damien Harris too. Certainly a better receiver and pass protector. Jacobs' numbers on the season are unimpressive, but if he stays on his current hot streak, declaring might be his best option.

-There's been some complaints that Mecole Hardman didn't get enough touches in this game, but he had two prime opportunities to make plays and didn't finish. A contested catch on a key third down late in the game and a sure touchdown through his hands in the end zone during the first half. Those are the type of plays that Hardman has to prove he can make to avoid the one-trick pony label in the NFL.

-We probably won't talk a ton about junior Jalen Hurts as a prospect next year (unless it's as a running back), but what a performance by him to come off the bench and make a couple of key throws to bring Bama back. He stuck with the Tide through some major adversity, happy for him that things worked out this way and he received a shot at redemption.