Ohio State's Punter Earns First Round Grade

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The NFL draft has been changing for years now. As each team is trying to find new ways to get an edge on the rest of the league, we've seen teams implement some "against the grain" draft strategies in an attempt to be ahead of whatever the next curve is.

We've seen the tight end position go up in value and draft price, and on the other side of the coin we've seen the running back position be valued less. But sometimes that thought process even bleeds over into the special teams game. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted kicker Roberto Aguayo in the second round in 2016. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted kicker Matt Gay in the fifth round in 2019. And even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted... wait maybe this is just a Buccaneers thing.

Even with the Buccaneers being hyper aggressive to own the special teams draft market, no kicker or punter has been drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft since the year 2000. I've never even given a Top 50 grade for kicker or a punter in my extensive history of scouting.


I don't even need to see any other game tape from the upcoming 2019 season, Drue Chrisman already has a first round grade from me.

Lock it up.

Final grade.

Write it in blood.

Chrismas is a junior at Ohio State, and beyond being a social media maverick, he's actually pretty good at punting. The Buckeyes had the best punting unit in the Big Ten in 2018, and Chrisman was a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award for the second consecutive season.

As seen above, he's also training to be a seal, which, if you ask me, is just as commendable as an athlete returning to school to finish their degree.

Have to put food on the table -- er, on your nose.

Chrisman's tricks on social go beyond just being a master water bottle flipper.

As seen in the clip above, Chrisman also went pretty viral back in April when he proposed to his girlfriend at halftime of OSU's spring game.

When I saw the set up I thought he was going to Charlie Brown her in front of 100,000 people, but the result that followed was much better and cute af.

So let's recap:

  • Drives a Prius with cheesy underglow and Wal-Mart viynl
  • Bangs Old Town Road
  • Can flip a water bottle like a champion
  • Gave his girl one of the most unique proposals of all time
  • Wears No. 91, which is not only a good punter number, but also has to piss someone on the D-Line off
  • Is a pupper whisperer

It's one of the most complete scouting reports I've ever seen, and that is why Drue Chrisman earns a first round grade from me going into the 2020 NFL Draft*.

*has not watched a single punt of his ever

Written By:

Trevor Sikkema

Senior NFL Writer

Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-Host of the Locked On NFL Draft Podcast.