Miami Dolphins 2021 NFL Draft Class Breakdown

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Miami Dolphins Post-Draft Team Guide

Bet against the Miami Dolphins at your own risk. The Brian Flores/Chris Grier regime has led Miami into two consecutive seasons of low expectations and promptly outpaced the consensus each time. Miami was, in 2019, supposed to be one of the worst teams in the history of the game. One outlet even declared them the worst team in NFL history after Week 2. They won five of their final nine games that season. 2020 was more of the same, with Miami entering the year as a team expected to flirt with .500—but most outlets had Miami as a 6-win football team. Miami parlayed a 1-3 start into a 9-3 finish and narrowly missed the postseason.

Now, Flores enters Year 3 of his time with the Dolphins and looks to climb out of the hole his tenure started in with a 0-7 start in 2019. The roster? It appears ready for the challenge. Miami has churned the roster aggressively for the past two seasons and entered this past weekend’s NFL draft with a handful of premium picks. What they did with them has provided Miami with the missing link from last year’s 10-6 squad:

Difference makers. 

The Dolphins are going to need their top choices to have a greater net impact than the 2020 class did if Miami is going to once again outperform expectations, but that feels like a strong possibility when you compare the dynamics of last year’s top of class versus this season’s group. 2020’s first-round featured a college star quarterback coming off of a dislocated hip, a raw but toolsy offensive tackle that was a pick for need as much as anything else, and a two-year player at the cornerback position who was drafted for development purposes because the Dolphins’ regime had the luxury of long-term stability.

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