Miami Dolphins 2019 Draft Mulligan

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Let's get this out of the way first -- Trevor Sikkema, my esteemed colleague. Yesterday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 Draft Mulligan featured a blatant shot at my favorite meme of all-time. "sIx mONtHs AgO cAlLeD, tHeY WaNt ThEIr MeME bACk."

How dare you, sir. I was going to let this slide but I am too hurt. And shocked, and offended...and hurt.

But anyway, where were we? Oh yes, the start of a new series here in May at The Draft Network -- looking over each class in the NFL and calling our shot on one thing we'd have done differently. Kind of like if someone snatched an Infinity Stone and didn't put it back, resulting in a multiverse of possibilities and one of those featured us taking over team's individual drafts.

Sounds like a good plot for a movie.

I'm here to tackle the 2019 Miami Dolphins draft class today and life is good on the home front -- the Dolphins' first two days of the 2019 NFL Draft were masterful. The Dolphins entered with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick and left with DT Christian Wilkins, QB Josh Rosen, IOL Michael Deiter and a 2020 2nd round pick. Even with the benefit of hindsight on how the rest of the board falls, I'm not changing a single thing about that.

Let's break down Miami's full class, which featured 6 selections and the obvious addition of Josh Rosen.

1.13 - DL Christian Wilkins, Clemson

3.78 - IOL Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

5.151 - OLB Andrew Van Ginkel, Wisconsin

6.202 - OT Isaiah Prince, Ohio State

7.233 - FB Chandler Cox, Auburn

7.234 - RB Myles Gaskin, Washington

The Do-Over

The Dolphins crushed the first two days, but I honestly like their 7th round selections more than both their 5th and 6th round players. So with that in mind -- which do I take the mulligan on? I understand the pick of Isaiah Prince and although I think he has a long way to go in order to play in the pros, he was the 202nd pick. I can live with taking a developmental player at 202 at a position of need with some attractive physical qualities.

So I'm zeroing in on pick 151 for my do-over. When I survey the board, there were a handful of players leaping off the page at me.

  • WR Kelvin Harmon, NC State
  • DL Charles Omenihu, Texas
  • EDGE Justin Hollins, Oregon
  • LB Blake Cashman, Minnesota
  • LB Emeke Egbule, Houston

Each prospect filled some varying degree of a need for the Dolphins. Harmon could have pushed DeVante Parker. Justin Hollins is -- to me -- is a more exciting version of Van Ginkel. Emeke Egbule is a similarly molded player who was a hybrid at Houston. He rushed off the edge, he played in space as a pass defender. There's a lot of upside to that selection. Blake Cashman could be phased into Kiko Alonso's role on defense and I think he'd do well there.

But the one that leaps off the page to me the most? Charles Omenihu. Think back to any time this Dolphins staff has spoken about what they covet on the defensive line. Heavy hands. Stout play. Functional strength. Toughness. That's all Charles Omenihu. And quite frankly, I think Omenihu would be the best defensive end on this roster had the Dolphins chose to go that direction -- at least from a physical perspective.

The team's other DEs are Charles Harris, Jonathan Woodard and Tank Carradine. SHOW ME THE LIE, I DARE YOU!

Omenihu is an attractive scheme fit who ultimately ended up in the room of another Belichick disciple, Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans. I love his fit there and I think taking over the Christian Covington role he is going to thrive. For the Dolphins, they need to hope Van Ginkel becomes their version of Elandon Roberts in coach Brian Flores' defense.

He's got great physical tools and short area quickness, as evidenced by some of his athletic testing -- most specifically the shuttle times. But it wouldn't have been the route I took if I were in general manager Chris Grier's shoes at 151.

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